Can You Use a Pierced Penis for Arousal?

PA Piercing JewelryMany people who enjoy genital piercings also know that these piercings can be used to enhance sexual pleasure. These are so-called “functional piercings” and are very exciting. Many penis piercings and other male genital piercings are functional, which means that they can enhance the pleasure for the wearer and his partner.

However, pleasure during sexual intercourse or oral sex is not the same as arousal. Can genital piercings help with that? There are many men who would like their erections to be harder so they wonder if you can use a pierced penis for arousal.

A Pierced Penis for Arousal

While there are not many people who wish to have a genital piercing just to make the arousal easier, this is definitely something many men wonder about. Can you use pierced penis for arousal and do genital piercings improve the arousal? This is particularly important to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or those who would like their erections to be harder and more powerful. Can penis piercings help with that?

There is no one answer to this question. Generally speaking, one does not use a pierced penis for arousal. Genital piercings are there for the aesthetics and for enhancing feeling during actual sex. Their role is not to help with the erection. As such, they are not a magic cure for erectile dysfunction and will not make your penis instantly hard.

At the same time, the fact that the jewelry comes in such a close contact with the penis and it rubs against it does improve erections in some cases. Many men report that their piercings do improve the arousal or make it easier to achieve erections. Of course, it is all individual and it depends on the man, his anatomy and the type of genital piercing he has.

It is important to know that this is something that can happen in some circumstance. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t happen all the time. Or maybe not even most of the time. As such, getting a piercing to improve your erections is not a recommended course of action because the effect might not be as desirable.

Simultaneously, chances are that penis piercings will not make the matters worse and many of them do improve the feeling during sex. So if you really want to get a penis piercing, go for it. There is a big chance that both you and your partners will enjoy it.

What to Use Instead

If you can’t really use pierced penis for arousal, what can you use? Interestingly enough, there are numerous sex toys specially designed to improve erections, so there are many things you can use.

The most popular choice are cock rings. They go around the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles. They make you erections harder and more powerful. If the strength of erection is not an issue for you but you only want to make your penis head more sensitive, you may try a glans ring. This is a cock ring that goes around the penis head.

Another, less common choice, is to use urethral toys. As you know, urethral stimulation is not for everyone. But those who like it claim that it’s one of the most arousing feeling in the world. Urethral toys can make your penis aroused in no time. Still, keep in mind that this is an activity that requires some practice and a lot of patience. If you are intrigued about the prospects of urethral play, make sure to get informed about it and start practicing in a safe manner.

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