Can You Really Stick a Finger in a Penis?

Stick a Finger in a PenisThere are many different ways to stimulate your penis and many different ways to experience pleasure. Urethral play and urethral stimulation are some of the more interesting and exciting ways to do so. It basically involves inserting sounding devices into your urethra, that is, your pee hole. A beginner’s way to experience urethral play is to stick a finger in a penis. Is this really possible to do? Is it safe?

Can You Stick a Finger in a Penis?

Yes, you can stick a finger in a penis. This can be your finger and your own penis or someone else’s. While it sounds strange to many people, this form of sexual stimulation is very popular among those who like urethral play. It involves inserting objects into the urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

While the pee hole may look too narrow and small, it can actually accommodate urethral toys nicely. It is possible to insert sounds into the pee hole and all the way down to the base of the penis or even further, into the prostate. Of course, this deep sounding technique is ideal for users with more experience. Also, in order to be able to insert thicker toys into the pee hole, you need to train your urethra and stretch it a little bit. It is also a good idea to use plenty of lube.

In other words, it is possible to insert a wide range of objects into the urethra. Fingers are some of the most common things people use for beginner urethral play. It is not so difficult to stick a finger in a penis if you want to experiment with a bit of light urethral stimulation. All you need is plenty of sterile lube and some patience.

If you want to do this, make sure not to force your finger – you should not push or press onto the penis. Instead, work slowly and let the finger glide into the pee hole. Also, make sure to keep your fingernails short. Beginners should start with a pinky finger – this is generally the best one to insert into the penis. Do not even attempt to stick thicker fingers until you are completely used to this one.

Is Sticking Fingers in a Penis Safe?

As you can see, it is more than possible to stick a finger in a penis. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe, though. It may be fun and a nice way to start experimenting with urethral stimulation. However, keep in mind that fingers are not particularly good urethral toys. They have a specific shape and nails on the end that can hurt the urethra. Also, fingers are not long enough to make you truly experience the power of urethral play. Finally, it is not easy to sterilize a finger to be safe for urethral stimulation.

For these reasons, those who want to try urethral play should use proper urethral toys, such as penis plugs and urethral sounds. These toys are specially designed for urethral stimulation so they are safe and comfortable. It is a much better choice than to simply stick a finger in a penis.

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