Can You Hit the Prostate from Sounding?

Hit the Prostate from SoundingThere are many different ways to go about your urethral sounding. Some people prefer shallow insertion that doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis. Others like deep urethral stimulation that can go all the way down to the prostate or even bladder. Yes, you can hit the prostate from sounding. In fact, this is one of the best ways to experience prostate stimulation.

How to Hit the Prostate from Sounding

It is actually not that difficult to hit the prostate from sounding, but you need to be careful. Once you past the base of your penis and go deeper, you will reach the prostate. It is located not too deep past the base of the penis. It means that even the medium-size urethral toys can reach it.

The best way to experience prostate massage with sounding is to use special urethral toys that made for deep urethral play. These toys typically have a curve that accommodates the natural curves in your urethra. Also, these toys usually have a pronounced tip ideal for massaging the entrance of the prostate. This feeling can be as powerful as full-on P-spot massage.

In general, these toys will allow you to go even deeper, past the entrance and into the prostate. While not all men like this feeling, some engage in urethral play solely for entering the prostate. Just make sure to slowly and use plenty of lube!

What if I Don’t Want to Hit the Prostate from Sounding?

If you like deep urethral play and P-spot massage, you will enjoy what urethral sounds can bring deep into the urethra. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is also possible to hit the prostate from sounding even if you don’t want to.

In case you hit the prostate by an accident, it can bring certain problems, such as pain, injuries and other issues. This is why it is always advisable to go slowly and carefully. Even if you can’t wait to experience all those deep sensations, it is best to slow down and be careful. It is important to know how to control your sounding if you want to go deep, or if you want to try urethral stimulation in general.

If you want to try urethral play but you don’t want to hit the prostate from sounding, the best way to go is to use shorter urethral toys. Penis plugs work great in this case – they tend to be shorter than urethral sounds and they come in many exciting designs.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always choose a urethral toy that you know how to control. Toys that are too thin for your urethra can be sharp and can slip easily deep into the urethra. They can cause a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to control them. These toys have their place but they are ideal for users with plenty of experience. Others should stick to toys that are about as thick as their urethra.

Happy sounding!

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