Can You Get the Industrial Earring with a Gun?

Can You Get the Industrial Earring with a GunEar piercings, particularly earlobe piercings, are so popular that you can get them almost anywhere. While other types of piercings are typically done only in special piercing studios, ear piercings can be done in malls and other non-professional places. However, just because you can get a piercing in a random shop doesn’t mean that you should. It is highly advisable to get your ear piercings in a reliable piercing studio.

Random Shops and Piercing Guns

Piercing guns are one of the worst things about random shops such as mall kiosks. While proper piecing studios use professional piercing needles to perform a piercing, people at a random shop use piercing guns. Piercing guns are often used for ear piercings and not just earlobe piercings.

Piercing guns are very bad for earlobe piercings but they become even more dangerous for other piercing types. They are sometimes used to pierce cartilage. This is very dangerous since cartilage is harder than earlobe and more difficult to pierce properly. There is even more risk of possible mistakes and problems such as infections, injuries and other issues. Ear cartilage is also very sensitive and if you hurt it can cause ear collapse. These are some of the good reasons why you should never get a piercing at a random shop. Also, this is why you should never get a piercing with a gun. This goes for all types of piercings and not just earlobe. It becomes even more dangerous in the case of cartilage piercings such as Industrial piercings.

So, Can You Get the Industrial Earring with a Gun?

Industrial piercings are among the most popular ear piercings in the world. They are actually two separate ear cartilage piercings connected by the same jewelry piece, typically a long straight barbell. Therefore, if you want to get a industrial piercing you need to get two separate cartilage piercings. Since piercing guns are popular in random shops to pierce cartilage, some people wonder if you can get the industrial earring with a gun.

The truth is that no cartilage piercing is safe if you do it with a piercing gun. Piercing guns are bad altogether so it’s best to avoid them. Professional piercers do avoid them and choose special piercing needles instead. In fact, if you go to a piercing studio and there is a piercer who recommends piercing guns you should run away from that place. It is a sigh that the studio is not professional or reliable. Most proper piercing studios will never pierce with a gun, even at the client’s request. However, random shops such as mall kiosks don’t adhere to the same safety and professional standards. They perform piercings with guns and some of these might be Industrial piercings.

This still doesn’t make the situation any better. This is something you should avoid altogether. If you perform cartilage piercing with a gun it can lead to numerous problems. Pain and longer healing period are just the smallest issues you can encounter. You should never get Industrial earring with a gun. If you want Industrial piercings make sure to go to a proper piercing studio and get a piercing from a reliable piercer who uses safe tools. This is the only way to make sure your new Industrial piercing is healthy and successful.

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