Can You Get an Industrial Piercing with a Gun?

Industrial Piercing with a GunIndustrial piercings are among the most effective ear piercings in the world. While technically any two piercings connected by a straight barbell are considered “Industrial piercings”, the name mainly refers to the ear piercings. This opens the question of the use of piercing guns. Is it safe to do an Industrial piercing with a gun?

The Danger of a Piercing Gun

If you wondering about getting an Industrial piercing with a gun, think twice. Piercing guns are unsafe and proper piercers do not recommend them at all. In fact, doctors and piercers alike agree that performing piercings with a gun is a bad and dangerous practice.

The main problem is that is not possible to properly sterilize most of the piercings guns out there. This opens the door for infections and many other issues. Another problem is that piercing with a gun can rarely be precise. In order to get a good piercing with a specific placement, it is important to be precise. This is simply not possible to achieve with a piercing gun.

In short, piercing guns are a bad idea. It is not surprising that reliable piercers do not use them, or use them only in very limited situations. Piercing guns are typically found in mail kiosks and similar places. Needless to say, these are not proper piercing studios and you do not want to get your piercing there.

Industrial Piercing with a Gun

Staff at mail kiosks and similar places typically use piercing guns for making earlobe piercings. This is the only type of a piercing that the guns are really made for. This doesn’t mean that it is safe to perform an earlobe piercing with a gun but that guns work even worse when you use them to pierce cartilage.

Remember, Industrial piercing is a cartilage piercing. Your piercer needs to create two holes at precise spots on the ear cartilage in order to connect them by a single jewelry piece (typically a long straight barbell). In order to be able to do this safely and properly, your piercer needs an instrument that is precise enough.

You simply cannot get this sort of precision or safety with a gun. Attempting to pierce cartilage with a gun often ends very badly. This is why Industrial Piercing with a gun is one of the worst ideas you can get about ear piercings.

If you want to have an Industrial piercing, go to a reliable piercer. Book a consultation at a professional piercing studio. These people use appropriate instruments, such as piercing needles and dermal punches. Not to mention that reliable studios have to adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards. Needless to say, they will never use a gun to perform Industrial piercings. This keeps you safe and satisfied with your piercing.

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