Can You Get Addicted to Urethral Sounding

Addicted to Urethral SoundingThere are still many people who don’t know about urethral sounding. For those people, the idea of inserting toys into the penis may seem strange, even scary. However, there are so many people who love urethral play. Out of those, many claim that it is one of the most arousing things you can experience. These people claim that you can easily get addicted to urethral sounding. Is this true?

The Addiction

While it may seem strange, it is possible to get an addiction to urethral sounding. The addiction is not really about how often you use your urethral toys: it is about the effect it has on your life. If you notice that you cannot function properly without thinking about urethral sounding, if your everyday life suffers because of it, or if you are frustrated for not being able to enjoy anything else sexually – you might be addicted to urethral sounding.

The addition to urethral sounding typically means that a person cannot function properly without urethral play. For many people in this situation, urethral stimulation is something they need to do, even in inappropriate situations. Others find that they are able to resist urethral play until they are alone but this remains the only way they can experience sexual satisfaction. This fact can be frustrating but it is impossible to stop.

Craving New Toys

Another thing people who worry that they are addicted to urethral sounding say is that they always crave more intensity and power. This may be true for some forms of urethral play: it is, indeed, easy to always search for thicker and bigger toys. However, not all fans of urethral stimulation feel this way. There is no reason why you cannot dedicate yourself to one toy to see what it can do for you. In fact, experts recommend to spend time with one toy (or one toy size) until you are ready to move on to something bigger. Keep this in mind if you feel like you need to update your urethral toys too often.

A true addiction to urethral sounding is just like any other type of addiction. It means that you should let a professional handle it. If you feel you need help, it is important to consult your doctor – no advice on the internet can help you fully here.

However, many cases of the so-called “addictions” to urethral play are not as serious. This is why there are some things you can do to help you get rid of the addiction. If you feel that these things are not working, make sure to consult your doctor.

How Not to Get Addicted to Urethral Sounding

If you don’t want to get addicted to urethral sounding but still wish to enjoy it, there are a few things you can do. First of all, recognize your need to masturbate or have sex using urethral play. Think about this need and what it means to you. Do you like urethral play simply because it feels incredibly pleasurable? Or because you cannot think of a different way to pleasure yourself?

While urethral sounding can be very powerful and rewarding, it may become troublesome if this is the only way you can experience pleasure. It gets even more complex if this is the only way in which you can get pleasure during sex with your partner. That is not wrong per se; there are many people who can get pleasure only in one way and that is okay. However, if you are bothered by the fact that you can only enjoy sex and masturbation through urethral play, you may try some things to change that.

Try masturbating in different ways from time to time. This will allow you to break your habit of urethral stimulation and will allow you to see urethral play as something new, once you are ready to get back at it. Again, there is nothing wrong about craving urethral sounding as long as you are safe while doing so. However, if you feel bothered by it, try masturbating in other ways from time to time. This will not only help you break your addiction but will also make urethral play seem new and fresh again.

Take Time With Your Toy

Another thing you can do if you are addicted to urethral sounding is to spend more time exploring one toy. Sometimes, people seek the thrill of the new toys so they don’t have enough time to really experience and enjoy the toys that they already own. Whenever you buy a new penis plug or urethral sound, take time to truly explore this toy. Play with it, masturbate with it, enjoy it to the fullest. Try to get as much as you can from a single toy. This should help you break the habit of always craving new and more extreme toys without actually enjoying any of it.

In Conclusion

Remember, there is nothing wrong with liking urethral play, as long as you stay safe and as long as it doesn’t interfere with your everyday life. If you feel that you are getting an addiction to urethral play in a way that ruins your enjoyment or the rest of your sex life, make sure to do your best to slow down a bit. This will help you get back on the track and enjoy urethral play once again.

Happy sounding!

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