Can a Woman Use a Penis Plug?

Penis plugs are among the most popular urethral toys in the world. As the name suggests, they should go inside the penis. This is why it’s not surprising that there are so many men who use these toys to enjoy urethral stimulation. However, urethral play is not just for men. In fact, there are many ladies who love good urethral stimulation. Female urethral toys are not so easy to find so this is why many ladies wonder about male urethral toys. Can a woman use a penis plug? If yes, how?

Great Variety of Penis Plugs

Can a Woman Use a Penis PlugLadies who want to enjoy urethral play often turn to male urethral toys because they are so varied. In fact, many urethral toys are not male or female – all people who like urethral play can use them to great satisfaction. This is particularly true for elegant urethral sounds, particularly those that are not too thick. Women can particularly enjoy straight urethral sounds and other thin yet straight urethral toys.

What about penis plugs, then? As you probably know, penis plugs tend to be shorter than urethral sounds. At the same time, penis plugs come in many different shapes and designs so they are very varied. In fact, penis plugs are much more varied than urethral sounds. There are short and smooth penis plugs ideal for beginners. There are also much longer and thicker penis plugs ideal for users with more experience. Some penis plugs come with additions, such as glans rings that exist to keep the plug inside and provide additional stimulation during use. There are special penis plugs with waves and heavy texture, flexible penis plugs with softer parts for better comfort, centipede penis plugs that combine thicker and thinner parts, and more.

With such a wide variation of penis plugs it actually becomes difficult to easily tell what kind of a person can use them. There are so many different penis plugs that it is positive that not all will fit all people. However, the good thing about this variety is that it is possible to find at least some penis plugs to suit you.

At the same time, it is important to remember that penis plugs are generally designed with men in mind. What about ladies, then? Can a woman use a penis plug and is this a smart idea to even try? 

Can a Woman Use a Penis Plug Safely?

Since there are so many ladies who like urethral play, it is understandable to wonder can a woman use a penis plug. Since penis plugs are special sex toys made for urethral stimulation and women have a urethra, it seems logical that women can use these toys, too.

However, it is undeniable that male and female urethra is somewhat different. Men have a much larger urethra than women so they can accommodate longer toys. Also, many women cannot accept toys that are too thick. While some women can stretch their urethra easier than men can, there are still many women who can accept only toys that are not too thick.

This is why it’s such an important question to know can a woman use a penis plug safely. There are certain features of penis plugs that do make them into good toys for women. Penis plugs ten to be shorter and not too thick, so this is good news for women who want to use them for urethral play.

At the same time, some penis plugs contain additions that women cannot use or will find uncomfortable or even dangerous. Glans rings, for example, are of no use to women. Also, certain penis plugs have curves and angles that do not fit a woman’s urethra properly. In addition to this, some penis plug have waves and other texture that are not comfortable to women, though this is a subject of preference. 

What are Good Penis Plugs for Women?

As you can see, it all depends on the design of a penis plug. Since penis plugs are so varied, there will be those that can suit women perfectly. On the other hand, there are those penis plugs that are not ideal for women.

A good penis plug for women is a relatively simple and smooth one, without a glans ring. In this sense, a classic penis plug is a good choice that should be safe for a woman to use. If you are a woman who likes urethral play and wants to try penis plugs, it is best to start with this one. You may also try to use other plugs but be careful. Some might be uncomfortable or even impossible to insert. It is best to avoid those plugs and stick to those that are smooth and not too complex. This is the only way to stay safe and avoid injuries during urethral stimulation.

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