Can Urethral Sounding Help a UTI?

Urethral Sounding Help a UTIUrethral sounding can be very exciting and rewarding. However, there are certain risks that this activity brings. New users often wonder about these risks and how to prevent them. One of the main problems associated with urethral play are infections. Can urethral sounding help a UTI? 

Urethral Sounding Help a UTI: True or Not?

Can urethral sounding help a UTI? It depends on what you mean by “help”. Urethral play can, and does, increase the risk of urinary tract infections, that is for sure. It is not difficult to understand why. Inserting toys deep into the urethra means potentially bringing bacteria and other harmful agents into the urinary tract system.

If there is dirt or bacteria on the toy, or if you use dirty hands, these harmful agents will get deep into the urethra and near the bladder. From there, they will quickly spread all the way to the bladder. This is how UTI starts. So yes, in this sense, urethral sounding help a UTI spread.

The Solution: Sterilize Your Toys

This is why it is so important to use only sterile urethral toys. Not just clean, as in, washed with soap and water or perhaps alcohol. No. That is not enough. It is important to fully sterilize your urethral toys. This is the only way to avoid spreading bacteria, dirt and other harmful things down your urinary tract system.

The best way to sterilize your metal toys is to autoclave it. This machine will destroy bacteria and other harmful agents in no time. However, not many people have access to an autoclave, and it may be too expensive to buy for home use. This is why some alternative methods are a good way to use. Most people prefer to boil their metal toys in water for a few minutes. While this is not a perfect method, it is good enough for the purpose. Just make sure to also have clean hands while handling your sounds after sterilization! It is best to use sterile surgical gloves at all times. Doing this will prevent the risk of UTI and other problems during urethral play.

Can Urethral Sounding Help a UTI Clear?

Some people wonder the opposite thing: can urethral sounding help a UTI clear? As in, is it possible to cure a urinary tract infection with urethral sounding? As weird as this sounds, it is a belief that some people have. According to these beliefs, you are opening your urethra and allowing more fluids to pass, including more urine. The more urine you pass, the quicker your UTI will clear.

However, it is not as simple as that. The belief that urethral sounding can help clear a UTI is not true. While it is true that urinating will help clear a UTI, this will sure not happen by using urethral play. On the contrary: urethral play can only make the matters worse. Even if it doesn’t include more bacteria into your system (which often happens), urethral toy will rub against the urethral walls to irritate them. This will make urinating more painful, with burning. It can also help spreading bacteria.

This is why it is important to refrain from urethral sounding until you fully clear your urinary tract infection. This is the only way to stay safe and prevent further urinary tract infections and other problems associated with sounding.

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