Can Urethra Actually be Stretched?

Beginners at urethral sounding are often frustrated. It is not always easy to insert even the smallest urethral toys inside of the penis. Even if they manage to do it, inserting larger toys seems impossible. The only way to use those larger toys is to stretch your urethra. But can urethra actually be stretched?

Can Urethra Actually be Stretched: The Answer

Can urethra actually be stretched? In short, yes. It is possible to stretch your urethra to larger sizes. Some men are surprised at how big their urethra can actually get, and how thick toys they can insert. However, this largely depends on the anatomy. And here is where the answer to the above question becomes more complicated.

Can urethra actually be stretched? Yes, but it is not possible to say how much you can stretch yours. It depends on many factors, such as your anatomy and the toys you use. With care, most men are able to stretch their urethra at least so much to be able to insert a bit thicker toys than before. However, it is not possible to tell if you are the one of the guys who can stretch their urethra to very thick diameters.

The good news is that there are urethral toys suitable for all urethra sizes. Even if your urethra doesn’t stretch much, chances are that your will find urethral toys that can satisfy you to the fullest.

To stretch your urethra, make sure to use proper stretching tools. There are special urethral toys, known as urethral stretchers, that are designed for gradual and pain-free urethral stretching. These stretchers are also relatively short, so they are ideal for beginners who wish to stretch their urethra to larger diameters.

Another good news is that even with a urethra that is not too big, you can still use long urethral toys. Remember, urethral stretching is only about the diameter. It is not about the length of your urethra. You generally cannot make your urethra longer, but that is ok. Many urethral toys can reach very deep and are designed for a long length of a male urethra.

Using Longer Toys

While it is generally advisable for men to stretch their urethra before they use longer urethral toys, keep in mind that the diameter and length of the toy (and your urethra) are not the same thing. It is possible, in theory, to use long yet thin urethral toys. This way, even those who do not have a urethra stretched to large diameters can use these toys.

However, longer urethral toys are typically reserved for users with plenty of experience. Deep urethral play is simply not something that is good for beginners. By the time you build your experience, chances are that your urethra will stretch, too. As a result, you will use both longer and thicker urethral toys.

Happy sounding!

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