Can You Have Two Genital Piercings at Once?

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Can a woman get 2 clitoral pricing at the once? Be it VCH and triangle or lateral and triangle?

genital piercingsMany people who enjoy genital piercings will eventually want to have more than one. While not everyone wants more than one genital piercing many fans of these body modifications claim that these piercings look and feel so good that they would want to have more than just one.

Female genital piercings are very popular, particularly those on the clitoral hood. There are many women who wonder if it’s possible to have two genital piercings at once.

The answer is that it will depend on your anatomy but that it is possible in many cases. However, it is vital to make a consultation with an experienced piercer to decide on the right placement and whether it is safe for you to have two piercings on the same body part.

Two Clitoral Piercings at Once

The first thing you need to know about clitoral piercings is that they are not really clitoral. These are performed on the thin layer of skin surrounding the clitoris (clitoral hood). This is not a difficult spot to pierce and it’s usually not particularly painful. This is why Vertical Clitoral Hood (VHC) and Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) piercings are so popular. Triangle piercing is another popular option but this one is a bit more complex.  However, it is not a particularly extreme piercing if you have a good piercer with a lot of experience with these piercings.

If you want to have two genital piercings at once, the first thing you need to do is to consult your piercer. While it is possible for some women to achieve this, keep in mind that female genital piercings are located on a relatively small area. In other words, it might be too “crowded” to pierce different holes for separate jewelry pieces. Also, the issue might be that two piercing types should be on the exact same spot or would use the same jewelry. If this is the case, piercing two different piercings might not be possible.

However, it is important to consult your piercer to discuss these issues with them. A good, knowledgeable piercer with lots of experience might be able to find a solution such as an alternative placement or a different jewelry choice.

What you need to know is that there are women who sport more than one genital piercing at once. Some of them even have multiple piercings around the clitoris. So, it is definitely a possibility but it is important that your anatomy can accommodate it. For this reason, a consultation with your piercer is a must.

Can You Get Two Genital Piercings at Once?

Another question many people ask is whether it’s possible to get two genital piercings at once. As in: is it possible to have two procedures at the same time? The answer to this is that, again, it all depends on the situation.

Generally speaking, it is best for all piercings to be done at different times. This way, you are not over-stressing your body and you are giving your body time to recover from the first piercing. Also, it makes aftercare and healing easier. This is why it’s best to do all genital piercings one by one.

However, this is not a general rule. It all depends on your piercer, the type of piercings you wish to get, your anatomy and some other factors. It might be possible to get two genital piercings at once. If you wish to do this, make sure to discuss this possibility with your piercer. Book a consultation and see what they think. In some cases, it might be for the best to do all the piercings at once but your piercer has to approve this.

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