Can Sounds Be Used with Reverse Prince Albert?

~ Peter Hayman

Can sounds be used with reverse Prince Albert, and what type should one use?

It is not uncommon for people to have a penis piercing but to also want to engage in urethral play. This is not a problem if the piercing doesn’t go through the urethra, but what if it does? Can sounds be used with Reverse Prince Albert? If yes, what kinds of toys to use?

Can Sounds Be Used with Reverse Prince Albert?

Can Sounds Be Used with Reverse Prince AlbertGenerally speaking, a penis piercing doesn’t prevent you from trying urethral play. In fact, men with piercings that go through the urethra are often the best candidates for urethral stimulation because they have an idea of how it feels when something rubs your penis from the inside.

At the same time, the piercing itself may become problematic if it blocks the way of the urethral toy. This is particularly an issue if the piercing is stretched so you wear a large gauge jewelry in your penis piercing. So, what to do?

Most men simply choose to remove the jewelry during sounding. This way, the jewelry is not in the way of the urethral toy and you can even have some extra fun with the piercing hole itself.

Depending on the size (gauge) of your piercing you may try to insert the tip of the toy there and see how it feels. However, make sure to be very careful because this is not the hole where you should be inserting urethral toys.


Using sounds with Reverse Prince Albert is in this way no different than using urethral toys when your penis is not pierced. You can have a lot of fun with various types of sounds. Some men with a fully trained and stretched urethra claim that they can insert the sounds without removing the jewelry. But this is generally something you should not attempt if your urethra is not wide enough.

Keep in mind that taking the jewelry out for prolonged periods of time might make your piercing hole shrink so many people choose not to do it. However, you can still wear a penis plug or another toy inside your urethra if you want, as long as you don’t keep it inside for long periods of time. Regular urethral play that doesn’t last long is not a problem.

Prince’s Wands

There is a special type of urethral toy for pierced penis. These are the so-called Prince’s Wands that has a special post that goes through the piercing hole. The longer post (shaft) goes inside the urethra. These are very arousing toys that many men choose to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Most Prince’s wands are made with a regular Prince Albert piercing in mind. However, they can work with many different penis piercings. In the case of a Reverse Prince Albert, it is easy. All you need to do is point the toy in the opposite direction so the short post goes through the top of the penis where your piercing is.

Prince’s Wands are good because you can remove the ball that sits on the pee hole and urinate without taking the toy out. This is great for those who like to wear their urethral toys for long periods of time.

In some cases, Prince’s Wands need to be custom designed so they can fit properly. This can make these toys very expensive. However, even a regular Prince’s Wand will do in many cases, so you might want to seek those first.

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