Can You Recommend Household Items for Urethral Play?

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Why don’t you recommend household items for urethral play?

Household Items for Urethral PlayThere many questions about urethral stimulation and how to perform them. People want to know more about this type of sexual play and how to do it properly. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that this can be a very exciting experience, but it carries certain risks. In order to enjoy urethral play, you need to stay safe. This is why it is so important to use proper sounding devices and not household items for urethral play.

Household Items for Urethral Play

People often wonder about household items for urethral play and it is easy to understand way. After all, random objects around the house are cheap and chances are that you already have these items. This is why many people first thing of something like this when they want to try urethral play for the first time.

However, this is simply not a good way to go, for various reasons. First of all, you need to think about safety and household items are simply not safe. It is vital to understand the importance of safe penis plug usage and this also goes for all other types of urethral toys you may wish to use. Household items simply cannot provide this safety.

Another important reason why random objects are bad is the experience. These items simply cannot stimulate the urethra in such a way that proper toys can. Sounding devices that are real can touch all the right spots and allow you excellent urethral stimulation. This includes deep urethral play and prostate massage. You simply cannot do many of these things with household items.

But I am Doing This to My Own Body!

You may say that you are doing this to your own body. You may say that you have a right to do whatever you want to your own body as long as you are not harming yourself. This even includes things that may cause harm or pain. This is true. Nothing can prevent you from using random objects or household items for urethral play.

The thing is that these objects are dangerous and can cause harm. As such, we simply cannot give advice on these objects on how to use them for urethral play. In other words, while you are not wrong about the fact that you can use whatever you want for urethral play, we cannot promote dangerous forms of urethral play.

While there are many sounding rods and toys that we recommend that may also be dangerous for the body, it is important that they are designed with a specific activity in mind. In other words, you need to use those devices as recommended and always follow common sense. For those sex toys that are specially made for inflicting pain or for other dangerous uses, there is a strict protocol on how to use these toys.

Finally, these toys, while designed for pain and other extreme sensations, are still made to produce only specific sensations. If you use household items for urethral play or other forms of sexual stimulation, you never know what might happen. Proper adult toys, even the most extreme ones, are made of materials that are safe for the body. They are well-crafted so they don’t break inside of the body. They don’t cause more trouble. You can never be sure with household items or random toys.

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