Can Penis Take a 13mm Penis Insert?

Can Penis Take a 13mm Penis InsertMany people ask about the exact diameter of urethral toys that penis can take. For example, a reader asked can penis take a 13mm penis insert.

This shows that different people have different diameters that trouble them.

However, it is important to understand that there is no one, definitive rule about urethral toys and other “penis insert” toys as people call them.

Penis Insert Diameter

Urethral toys, also known as “penis inserts” come in many different sizes and diameters. The length of the toy is not the only thing that matters. On the contrary, the diameter of the toy is usually the first thing you need to worry about.

The ideal urethral toy is the one that has the same diameter as your urethra. It means that it can be inserted without a problem but it will never be too tight or too loose. Remember, toys that are too thin or too thick are not good for you. A perfect urethral toy should gently rub against your urethral walls without stretching you too much.

Is 13mm too thick? The short answer is that it depends on the user. Some people have wider urethra than the others. However, in order to be able to accommodate thicker toys you generally need to stretch your urethra first.

While there are some people who can insert a 13mm penis insert without much stretching or preparation it is highly advisable not to attempt this. Start with smaller toys (as long as they are not too thin) and build your way up to bigger toys. This is the only way to reach the goal of 13mm penis insert.

So, Can Penis Take a 13mm Penis Insert?

The only true answer is that it depends on the penis. Yes, some people manage to fit a 13mm toy down their urethra without a problem. Many users with plenty experience demonstrate that they can fit much bigger and thicker toys. So yes, it is possible.

At the same time, you need to understand that this is individual. It depends a lot on your anatomy and your urethral play routine. Not everyone can fit a 13mm penis insert into the penis, let alone a thicker toy. There is nothing strange or wrong about this.

If you really wish to use thicker toys, you need to stretch your urethra first. To stretch your urethra, you need a lot of patience and care. A trained urethra can accommodate bigger and thicker toys but it takes time to get there. Do not rush things out.

The best way to train your urethra is to use special stretchers and other training toys. They are designed to slowly and gradually stretch your urethra. This may be a long process and a lot depends on your anatomy. It may not happen overnight, but be patient and you will see results. After proper stretching chances are that you will be able to accommodate 13mm or even thicker toys.

However, it is important to remember that these results are individual. Some people simply have a very narrow, tight urethra that cannot be stretched much. If this is the case, you may have problem with 13mm toys or even smaller ones. Do not be discouraged if this happens to you: it is still possible to have a satisfying, pleasurable urethral toy experience even if you use smaller penis inserts. Just keep in mind to never use toys that are too thin (or too thick) for your urethra and you should be fine.

Happy sounding!

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  1. YES I have used a insert and I love it as I had a catheter in my willy for three days and when They toot it out OMG what a lovely feeling So I came home and tryed it yes it is nice feeling But I didn’t sterilize my insert and I picked up a bug And on the 26th of December I couldn’t pee So I went to my Dr on the 28th and he gave me a course of Antibiotic and I have had urine test They did find a bacteria but couldn’t grow it so the Dr fingered me for Prostrate and that was enlarged So have been on Antibiotic for One month now but its coming right slowly I are bit scared to use one again
    Now my Point is You should advertise that one must put Disinfectant on insert or other things before you insert anything in to you penis
    Before I go Do you think that the bug came from that steel tent peg that i used it was the size of a 3 inch nail Cheer’s Dave

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