Can a PA Piercing Help Men with a Large Pee Hole?

PA Piercing Help Men with a Large Pee HoleMany people who wish to get a Prince Albert (PA) piercing worry about their pee hole becoming too large, which results in dripping and hard to control flow. These men worry that they won’t be able to urinate standing up once they get a PA piercing. However, there are the opposite examples. Some men who are into urethral stimulation and sounding devices have a wide urethral opening. Others have a naturally big urethra. This large pee hole makes urination difficult while standing up. In this situation, is a Prince Albert piercing a good solution? Can a PA piercing help men with a large pee hole?

This is a very real problem but the answer is not so easy. One of the readers outlines the possible problems men with a large pee hole may face:

~ Albert A. Adams

I am thinking about doing the PA thing due the fact my hole is so big now. Peeing makes a mess if I am standing over a commode so I am sitting to pee if no urinal is in the john. When I cum I like to insert a 10.5 mm into the hole pushing it all the way out of site. When I cum it can flow around the sound with no back pressure. Can you tell me if a PA will help my dribbling when I pee or not. 

I love the way the sound feels in my penis but making the urethra larger make my seamen just Oz out this is fine with the fact I love to do selfies and when I have a 10.5 sound inserted and push it all the way in leaving my penis with room to pass the seamen around the sound when I cum. letting it slowly into my mouth while munching on the head drives me up the f***ing wall. Tell me what to do about taking a leak then it just dribbles out in a large stream making me have to stand really close to the urinal or get my pants wet. I am thinking wearing a pee thru plug could help does anyone know it this would work. Thinking about having a PA put in. any suggestions?? 

My problem is when I pee I have trouble holding a good stream and sometimes I pee on myself do to the fact I have a large urethra with a small volume of pee. Have you notice that the bigger I got my urethra the worse it got. A year ago I could almost make the commode flush with the stream and now just dribble a huge stream. Got any suggestion. 

Possible Solutions to This Problem

Not being able to effectively control the flow of urine can be frustrating. Some men also find it annoying to sit while urinating. Both are problems that may happen with a PA piercing but men who enjoy urethral play can have a very large pee hole. What to do in this situation?

The first thing you need to know is that not all men face this problem. Just because you use urethral toys regularly doesn’t mean that you will have any issues. A lot will depend on your body and the way you hold your penis during urination. In this sense, men who notice some problems with dripping and flow should try holding their penis at a different angle. This may help.

Another step is to visit your doctor to make sure that everything is okay. Weak flow of urine may happen due to a urinary tract infection and people who regularly do urethral play are prone to those. These infections are not difficult to heal so it might be a good idea to rule them out. Once you clear such a problem you may find a great improvement in urination and your ability to control the flow of urine.

If nothing of this helps, you may try the two solution you suggested in the post: a special penis plug with a cum through hole and Prince Albert rings. There is no guarantee that these will work but there is a logic to it. A penis plug with a hole can position the stream of urine and make it more powerful so it can reach the right spot. However, if leakage is frequent even with urethral toys, chances are that you will need to try something else.

How Can a PA Piercing Help Men with a Large Pee Hole?

While Prince Albert piercings sometimes force men to sit while urinating, a strategically-places PA piercing may help with aiming in the situation where a pee hole is already large. However, it is crucial to find PA jewelry of the appropriate size. It has to fit the urethra properly and it has to be big enough to actually prevent leakage. Since you report leakage even with large urethral toys, keep in mind that this may not work. Also, remember that a PA piercing requires another hole to be made in the penis (on the underside of the penis head), which can cause even more leakage.

As you can see, this method may help but it may even lead to more problems. This is why you should try it only if everything else fails. Meaning, you should try to practice holding your penis at another angle, you should check with the doctor if everything is alright and you should try a urethral toy with a hole. If these things fail, you may try with a PA piercing. However, keep in mind that it still might not work – a lot of these things are highly individual. Also, remember that getting a PA piercing may even make the matters worse because you will have an additional hole in your penis that can cause drippings and leakage.

Remember, even if you don’t solve this problem, it is not so serious. There are many men who sit while urinating and there is nothing particularly wrong about it. If you enjoy urethral play and your toys, this is a small price for all the pleasure you experience with sounds and plugs.

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