Can You Insert Long Penis Plug without Lubrication?

Insert Long Penis Plug without LubricationThere are many different types of penis plugs and other types of sounding devices you can use for pleasure and urethral stimulation. While penis plugs are generally shorter than urethral sounds, it is important to note that it is possible to find very long ones. These penis plugs can make deep and arousing sensations. One of the main things you need to consider about urethral toy use is the lube. How much to use? Can You Insert Long Penis Plug without Lubrication? These are just some of the questions you may have about penis plugs and lubricants.

Should You Use Lube with Urethral Toys?

Urethral toys are types of intense adult toys. Not everybody is into urethral play or inserting toys into the pee hole. As such, these are niche toys and you need to use them carefully to avoid injuries and other problems. Also, urethra is very narrow so it is important to use some form of sex lube to make the experience smoother and more comfortable.

In fact, many people claim that using lube is a must if you want to try urethral play, particularly if the toys you use are big. If you wish to use massive and long penis plugs you will need lubrication to make the experience safe and comfortable. As such, it is not a good idea to insert long penis plug without lubrication.

Using urethral toys without lube can lead to burning and discomfort. It is not unusual to feel pain and other extreme sensations. For most people, these sensations are unpleasant so they will want to avoid those experiences. The best way to make the experience smooth and comfortable is to use plenty of lube, both on your body and on the urethral toy. Also, lube keeps you safe because it prevents heavy rubbing of the toy against the urethral walls. This prevents potential injuries and other problems. This why it is important to use some form of a lubricant when you wish to use urethral toys.

When to Insert Long Penis Plug without Lubrication?

If you really want to insert long penis plug without lubrication, nothing can stop you. However, you need to remember that it will lead to discomfort and can be potentially dangerous. Still, there are some people who want to experience extreme sensations and to insert long penis plug without lubrication. It is important to understand that it is possible to insert a urethral toy without lube, but it will not be the smoothest experience imaginable.

Even more than this: inserting a long urethral toy without any lubrication can be very uncomfortable or even painful. This is why you should attempt this only if you are into extreme sensations and painful pleasures.

Using urethral toys without lube is something that people who are into kink, BDSM or CBT (cock and ball torture) sometimes use. The longer the urethral toy is, the more dangerous and extreme the experience will be. Keep this in mind if you want to insert long penis plug without lubrication. Again, this is definitely not for everyone so you should do it only if you are fairly experienced with extreme stimulation and truly want this sort of sensation.

If you do end up inserting long toys without lube, the advice is to monitor your body closely to notice any warning signs. Make sure to remove the toy if you feel sudden, sharp pain or if you notice bleeding. These are serious signs and if you experience them you need to seek medical attention immediately.

It is also for the best to start with smaller toys if you wish to try urethral play without lube. If that goes well, you may start practicing with longer toys. Also, keep in mind that very thin toys are dangerous and difficult to control. While it may seem that a thin toy is more comfortable than a thick one, make sure not to use extremely thin toys unless you are very experienced. This is the only way to avoid further trouble if you really want to experiment with urethral play without using the lube.

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  1. Can I use regular unscented baby oil as a lube for sounding? I’ve using it for regular masturbation and found no side effects whatsoever, beside a lot of fun.

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