Can You Insert a Finger Into Penis?

penis insertion toysMany people wonder about the possibilities to play with their pee hole. Can you insert a finger into penis? Is it possible to stimulate penis on the inside?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. You can insert a finger into penis and play with your urethra. In fact, there are many men who enjoy this type of stimulation to the fullest.

Playing with your pee hole and inserting things into the penis are known as urethral stimulation or urethral play. This is a highly arousing sexual activity that many people like to perform on themselves or with their partners.

However, this is also an activity that carries certain risks, so you need to be very careful. In order to stay safe during these experimentation, it is best to use toys that are specially designed for the purpose of being inserted into the penis. Using other objects is highly dangerous and can lead to injuries and other problems. In fact, your own fingers are not the best urethral toys you can use.

Should You Insert a Finger Into Penis?

While your pee hole and urethra look very tight and narrow, it is actually possible to insert toys into it. Sure, it requires some practice and a lot of patience but it is possible. In fact, many men can insert urethral toys that are much thicker than a finger. This requires some time and effort, since you need to stretch your urethra to be able to accept thick toys, but it is possible.

Compared to this, inserting a finger into the penis seems like nothing. This particularly goes for one’s pinky finger: many men find it possible to insert this finger without much trouble or discomfort.

In fact, inserting a little finger into the penis is how many people start experimenting with urethral stimulation. If you find this pleasurable you may wish to move to proper urethral toys and experience urethral play to the fullest.

So yes, it is possible to insert a finger into penis. However, it doesn’t mean that this is something you should do. The trouble is that a finger is not a good urethral toy. It is not properly designed to be inserted into the urethra. It means that you can hurt your penis during insertion.

Another problem is that fingers can’t be properly sanitized and cleaned. Sure, it is very useful to keep your hands clean, but this is not enough. Urethral toys need to be fully sanitized before you insert them into the penis – this is the only way to prevent urinary tract infections and other problems.

As you can see, fingers are not the best urethral toys. If you find urethral play interesting and enjoyable, think about getting proper urethral toys for beginners. These beginner penis plugs, urethral sounds and other toys will help you experience urethral stimulation to the fullest while keeping you safe and minimizing potential risks.

Tips for Inserting a Finger into Penis

As you can see above, it is not really recommended to insert a finger into penis. You should use proper urethral toys instead. However, if you choose to use your finger, there are some things you can do to keep you safer:

  • Make sure to clean your fingers and hands full. Use a proper sanitizer.
  • Get a good lube. This is the only way to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.
  • Make sure to cut your fingernails short so they don’t hurt your pee hole or urethra.
  • Remove rings and other jewelry that may scratch and hurt the urethra.
  • Don’t use nail polish or any other chemical on your fingernails.
  • If you experience pain, discomfort, swelling, bleeding and other problems, make sure to stop immediately. In case the problems persist, consult your doctor.
  • Consider proper urethral toys. These are specially designed to keep you safe while letting you explore your urethra to the fullest. They can give you more pleasure than a finger.
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