Who Can Get a Foreskin Piercing?

Foreskin Piercing A foreskin piercing is one of the easiest and most basic male genital piercings. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a common piercing. On the contrary, it is one of the unusual genital piercings and a rare thing to see. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot get a foreskin piercing if this is what you find appealing.

Can I Get a Foreskin Piercing?

Foreskin piercings are easy to perform. They are almost painless and heal very quickly. Despite these benefits, they are among rare genital piercings for men. The truth is, not all men are anatomically suited to accommodate this piercing, despite the piercing itself being very basic and easy to perform.

Foreskin piercings can be done only on men who are not circumcised. That one is easy to understand, but keep in mind that having a foreskin is not enough to be able to accommodate this piercing. Just because a man is not circumcised doesn’t mean that his foreskin is loose enough to allow for a piercing. A foreskin that is too tight will likely not be good for a piercing. If a foreskin is too tight or small it cannot accommodate jewelry. The piercing itself may be performed but wearing jewelry will be uncomfortable for the man.

For this reason, a foreskin has to be loose enough in order to accommodate for the piercing and jewelry. This is the only way to be comfortable with such a piercing, and also one of the main reasons why this piercing type is relatively rare despite being almost painless and very easy to perform.

Consult Your Piercer

If you are interested in a foreskin piercing but are unsure whether you are anatomically suited for it, make sure to consult your piercer. This is the only way to know if your foreskin is loose enough and if you can accommodate a piercing and jewelry.

When seeking a piercer to perform this piercing on you, make sure to go for a person who is experienced with genital piercings and who knows how to perform this specific piercing you are interested in. While foreskin piercings are easy to perform don’t tend to cause trouble you still need a piercer who has experience with this specific piercing type. Finding an experienced piercer who knows how to handle foreskin piercing is the only way to be satisfied with your new piercing. Not only it ensures that the procedure goes well but an experienced piercer is needed to give you a good advice regarding your anatomy. Only and experienced professional can tell you if your anatomy can accommodate the piercing and its jewelry. For this reason, make sure to find a piercer who is not only experienced with piercings in general but also with the specific piercing you wish to get. Since foreskin piercings are relatively rare you might need to put some effort into your search to find someone with enough experience regarding foreskin piercings.

If the piercer says it’s ok for you to get a foreskin piercing then worry not: the procedure is typically quick, almost painless and doesn’t bring complications. There are many different jewelry types that go with this piercing. Many men go for Captive Bead Rings but you may choose a different jewelry type if this is what you prefer.

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