Can You Get an Areola Piercing?

Many people wonder how deep a nipple piercing can go. Is it okay to pierce the areola or is nipple the only part that should be pierced? There are some people who claim that their nipples are pierced very deep so they involve areola. Is there such a thing as an areola piercing and is it safe?

What is Areola Piercing?

Nipple PiercingThe first thing that is important to know is that true areola piercings are very rare. In fact, some people claim that there is no such a thing as an areola piercing, only bad placement for a nipple piercing. It is important to remember that almost any body part can get a piercing, including areola. However, this doesn’t mean that every piercing will be healthy or that you can maintain it. This is particularly true for surface piercings. These are prone to migration, rejection and other issues, not to mention common infections.

An areola piercing is a surface piercing and as such, it is not a good candidate for a long-term piercing. In fact, it is so rare to ant to pierce the areola that this type of a piercing is almost unheard of. Of course, there are always people who want to try things and piercers who are willing to experiment but more often than not, areola piercing happens as an accident, when nipple piercing goes wrong.

In some cases, piercers decide that such a deep placement is needed but generally speaking, most will avoid piercing areola.

In short, areola piercing is not really a thing, except for very rare, isolated cases. If you see someone with an areola piercing chances are that it’s just a bad placement of a nipple piercing or, perhaps, a nipple piercing that is purposely positioned to go partially through the areola.

Is Areola Piercing Safe?

Most piercers will want to avoid going through the areola. Piercing areola is not recommended for various reasons, so piercers typically want to avoid it. This is particularly problematic for women, because going through areola can cause numerous problems, such as mastitis and other issues. It is generally less drastic for men so areola piercings in men are often seen as okay. These will still be something that many piercers want to avoid but they are not as dangerous as areola piercings for women.

Even without mastitis and similar serious problems, piercing areola is not good because it can make areolas itchy. The jewelry is often uncomfortable and the skin around the piercing often gets irritated. While it doesn’t happen with all piercings that go through the areola it does happen often enough to be significant. This is why most piercers and clients avoid areola piercings.

Does it mean that you can’t get an areola piercing? If this is truly what you want, you might be able to find a piercer who is willing to do it. However, make sure to prepare yourself for potential problems. Still, you might get lucky and your areola piercing remains healthy and problem-free. You just need to be prepared for potential problems so you can notice them and treat them as soon as they appear.

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