Can an Uncircumcised Penis Be Pierced?

Uncircumcised Penis Be PiercedThere are many different types of genital piercings for men. Some of these piercings, such as guiche or hafada piercings, do not go through the penis at all. However, most male genital piercings are penis piercings. This is why it is important to know if a specific piercing will suit your penis. One of the main questions men ask is about not being circumcised. Can an uncircumcised penis be pierced?

Is It Possible to Pierce an Uncircumcised Penis?

There are many different penis piercings you can choose. While they are typically easier on a penis that is circumcised, it is important to know that it is also possible to pierce an uncircumcised penis. Keep in mind that there are many men who are not circumcised all around the world. In Europe, most men are not circumcised, and many of them have genital piercings. So, yes, it is possible.

However, a lot will depend on your foreskin and the placement of the piercing. Generally speaking, the trickiest piercings are those around the penis head, because this is where foreskin moves the most. Piercings lower on the penis shaft are not so tricky regardless of your circumcision status.

If you wish to get a piercing around a penis head, such as Prince Albert (PA piercing), Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA piercing), Ampallang, Apadravya or other penis head piercings, it is important to find a good piercer. A lot will depend on the placement of the piercing.

Generally speaking, it is possible to find such a placement in which the foreskin doesn’t come into way of the piercing and in which jewelry will not harm the foreskin. However, this is what your piercer should decide. This is why it is so important to find someone who has plenty of knowledge and experience performing these piercings on uncircumcised men.

How Can an Uncircumcised Penis Be Pierced?

It may sound surprising, but it is not so much different than any other penis piercing. How can an uncircumcised penis be pierced? The simple answer, for the most part, is: easily – as long as the piercer knows what they are doing.

Foreskin is stretchable and elastic. For many penis piercing types, it is possible to find such a placement and jewelry size that will not interfere with proper function of foreskin. Most foreskins can go above the jewelry and will not be harmed by jewelry. Of course, it is important to choose smooth jewelry pieces that are not too huge to harm the foreskin.

It is also crucial to choose just the right spot to pierce. This will depend a lot on your individual anatomy and your foreskin. There are no two individual foreskins so it is important for a piercer to find just the right spot to pierce. This is why placement is so important, and this is why you need a piercer with experience.

Keep in mind that it may not be possible to get all penis piercings if you are uncircumcised. Can an uncircumcised penis be pierced without a problem? Yes, but you might need to be flexible and opt for a different piercing type, the one that you can wear without a problem. Again, this depends on your piercer.

If you are not circumcised and would like to get a penis piercing, your first step is to find a piercer with plenty of experience performing piercings on uncircumcised clients. Book a consultation with such a piercer to see what they say. A good piercer will be able to suggest a proper placement for your penis piercing and to tell you what kind of piercings you can get if you are not circumcised.

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