Can a Piercing Get Stuck to Jewelry?

Can a Piercing Get Stuck to JewelryMany beginners with body piercing wonder about safety and aftercare. These are important topics to think about. After all, safety is crucial for your health and well-being. It is important to ensure that you don’t develop any injuries or any medical problems as a result of the piercing.

Aftercare is another important topic because it ensures that your piercing heals properly and to stay healthy. One of the main problems newbie users wonder about is whether jewelry can actually get stuck. It’s important to ask: can a piercing get stuck to jewelry?

Can a Piercing Stuck to Jewelry or Vice Versa?

Can a piercing stuck to jewelry? This seems to be a common fear. In many ways, it is understandable because it seems so logical that the piercing can actually heal around the jewelry. Others wonder if jewelry can get absorbed inside the piercing and get stuck.

Some people may even have bad experience with something like this happening. After all, it seems completely logical that the piercing can stuck to jewelry and cause a lot of problems. This is why people wonder how to prevent this from happening and avoiding this problem altogether.

It is important to note that with a proper, professional piercing procedure and adequate aftercare jewelry cannot really get inside of the piercing. This is just not something that can happen, except perhaps in some very special circumstances. Most of the time, these circumstances include neglect or specific anatomy.

Potential Problems

There are, however, situations in which jewelry can get stuck, but most of the time they are a result of improper procedure or bad aftercare. In most of these cases, this is a result of getting pierced by a piercing gun. Piercing guns are bad and do a lot of damage to tissue. This is why you should avoid them at all costs and stay away from piercers who use them. This is a sign of a bad practice and you should run away from a studio or a place that uses a piercing gun.

However, mistakes happen. What if piercing is stuck to jewelry or if it seems like this might happen? Perhaps your piercer used a piercing gun or you got an improper placement. Perhaps you forgot to clean your piercing properly so the result is that it feels like piercing is growing around the jewelry piece. It may even feel stuck: what to do in this situation?

What if Jewelry is stuck

What if your jewelry is stuck? A common “solution” to this problem is to twist and turn the jewelry during the healing time. This is even something that workers at mall kiosks and other unprofessional settings recommend to do as part of aftercare. In a way, it sounds logical: if you twist and turn your jewelry inside of the piercing, it will be okay.

Unfortunately, things don’t work this way. Contrary to the popular belief, twisting and turning will not bring anything good. In fact, it can cause injuries, infections and other problems. Twisting and turning actually breaks the sensitive fistula in healing and sets your progress back. You should never do this.

Instead, you should try applying a saline solution to the both sides of the piercing. Warm, gentle saline solution can clean the piercing and remove the accumulated matter. You may also try to do this in the shower. The water and warmth can also make your skin relaxed and more responsive. This should help the jewelry becoming “unstuck”. If it works, simply continue with regular aftercare (cleaning with a saline solution twice per day) to prevent this problem from repeating.

If it doesn’t work despite all of your efforts, don’t force it. Visit your piercer (or a reliable local piercer) to help you fix the problem in a safe way. Never try to pull the jewelry out of the piercing and never use force. Consult a good piercer: they will know what to do and how to prevent this problem from happening in the future.

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