Buyer’s Guide to Unusual Piercing Jewelry

There are many different body jewelry pieces you may try. Some are plain while others are very unusual and unique. Here are some of the most unusual and effective body jewelry pieces you may wish to try:

Sperm Captive Bead Ring

Sperm Captive Bead RingThis is one of the most unique pieces in our collection! This is a new design that you must try. Sperm Captive Bead Ring is a unique CBR (Captive Bead Ring) that you can use as a regular CBR for your piercing that can accommodate this type of body jewelry.

Keep in mind however, that this ring has a unique tail so it might be uncomfortable to wear in certain piercings, particularly if they are hidden.

On the other hand, this Captive Bead Ring is so unique and attractive that you will love to show it off and wear it where everyone can see it. That being said, the sperm design makes this a perfect jewelry piece to wear in genital piercings, as long as you are careful not to hurt yourself. For example, many men choose to wear it in their PA piercing.

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 14k Gold Cherry Curved Barbell

14k Gold Cherry Curved Barbell14k Gold Cherry Curved Barbell is a very cute yet unusual jewelry piece. This is more than just a simple curved barbel, so it is ideal for navel piercings and other highly decorative piercings that you can show. This piece has a cute cherry decoration that also comes with 4 gems to make it super-shiny. The curved barbell itself is made of high-quality, nickel-free 14k gold so it is elegant and body-friendly. What makes this pierce so unusual is the unique decorative element that will sure attract a lot of attention. This is definitely not a jewelry piece to stay hidden!

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Meteor Spike Charm and Ring

Meteor Spike Charm and RingThis is one o the most unique jewelry pieces in our collection. This is a beautiful and effective charm you can add to your regular body jewelry piece to make it even more exciting. The charm has a unique meteor spike design that is made to be very attractive and eye-catching to the fullest. You can use this charm to replace a classic bead on your Captive Bead Ring to achieve a more edgy and effective look. Simply take the bead out and place your Meteor Spike Charm to make your old Captive Bead Ring look as new!

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Acrylic Marble Plug

Acrylic Marble PlugThis is one of the most exciting toys made for stretched lobes and other stretched piercings. It is light, practical and very unique. What makes this ear plug unusual is the decorative pattern on the surface. It is made to resemble marble so it makes the plug itself more elegant and attractive. Keep in mind that these ear plugs are available in many different vibrant colors so they can match different fashion styles and clothes. The best of all? This plug is actually very practical because it is lightweight so it provides perfect comfort. Also, it is not made of metal so you can use it when you are not allowed to wear metal jewelry, like at the airports or during certain medical procedures.

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Nipple Whirl

Nipple WhirlThis is a very effective and intense decoration for your nipple piercing. In fact, this whirl is a unique jewelry piece that will both enhance your looks and provide some additional stimulation for your nipples. It is ideal for those who like their nipple piercings to be intense and for those how like a bit of a rough play on their nipples. You can use these whirls to extend the nipple or provide pressure on the nipple. This is a great way to play some kinky games on the nipples and enhance your sex life through a handy nipple jewelry piece.

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