Buyers’ Guide to Sex Enhancing Jewelry

Sex Enhancing JewelryThere are many people who want to use their piercings to improve their sex life. This is more than possible with many genital piercings. Also, there are some so-called “regular” piercings you can also use for sexual stimulation. In order to achieve this it is important to have sex enhancing jewelry that can stimulate erogenous zones for you and your partners.

Sex Enhancing Piercings

Most sex enhancing jewelry pieces come from specific genital piercings. There are many male and female genital piercings you can use for sexual stimulation. These piercings are penis piercings or those around clitoris and vagina. Also, very stimulating piercings are those on testicles and perineum.

These piercings are functional piercings, which means that they have a specific function in addition to aesthetic. In the case of many genital piercings, this function is clear: to stimulate sweet spots and enhance sex life. A good genital piercing can bring sexual pleasure to both the wearers and their partners, so they are very arousing and pleasurable.

However, sex enhancing piercings are not just genital piercings. Depending on how you use them, some other piercings are also great for sexual stimulation. First and foremost, those are nipple piercings. Both men and women can use them for stimulation and arousal. Also, some other piercings, such as tongue piercings, can also be great for sexual pleasure. In order to achieve this you need to have sex enhancing jewelry that will help you stimulate erogenous zones for you and your partner.

Sex Enhancing Jewelry Pieces

Sex enhancing jewelry pieces are those body jewelry pieces you can use for sexual stimulation. Most of these are genital jewelry that you and your partners can wear in genital piercings. However, sex enhancing jewelry is more than just for genitalia: a good jewelry piece can become very arousing if you know how to use it. Of course, this is true for genital jewelry but you may also use other jewelry pieces for arousal and sexual stimulation.

  • Sex enhancing jewelry on genital piercings: Most of the sex enhancing jewelry pieces are those on male and female genital piercings. Such jewelry has to be of high-quality so it is safe for genital area. This jewelry has to be smooth so it is comfortable and doesn’t damage the sensitive tissue. Captive Bead Rings and various types of barbells are great for genital piercings. These jewelry pieces come with various balls and beads you can use for stimulation. The balls will rub nicely against your genitalia or your partner’s body during sex. This is very pleasurable and with a bit of skill you can use your genital jewelry to enhance your sex life.
  • Sex enhancing jewelry on regular piercings: While most sex enhancing jewelry pieces are those on genital piercings you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Nipple rings and other nipple jewelry pieces are excellent for nipple stimulation. Both men and women can use these jewelry pieces to stimulate nipples or to rub them against their partner’s erogenous zones. This is particularly true for tongue rings and tongue barbells. These are great for enhancing oral sex for both men and women.
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