Buyers’ Guide to the Best E-Stim Prostate Sound

E-Stim Prostate SoundIf you enjoy Electro Stimulation and urethral play there is a fantastic way to join these two into explosive and arousing experience. There are special toys ideal for Electro Sex and urethral play. A good E-Stim prostate sound can go all the way down through the urethra and provide deep urethral play. However, before you choose an E-Stim prostate sound make sure to consult a doctor to see if it is a safe thing for you to do. Remember: Electro Sex (E-Stim) brings some serious risks and so does urethral stimulation. It is crucial that you know how to minimize these risks if you want to enjoy E-stim with urethral play.

Finding a Great E-Stim Prostate Sound

There are many E-stim urethral toys to try. However, it is important to use only those that are high-quality, well-designed and safe. This is the only way to avoid problems that may arise from the use of E-Stim toys.

Keep in mind that Electro Stimulation increases risks that generally exist with urethral play and it even brings some new risks. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it but you need to inform yourself about all the safety measures you can take to prevent injuries and other problems. This is particularly important in the case of deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage.

A good E-Stim prostate sound should have a proper design that makes for easy and comfortable insertion and that easily connects to an E-Stim power box. Also, it is important to choose an E-Stim prostate sound of the same diameter as your urethra. Too thick or too thin urethral toys are dangerous. When it comes to E-Stim power boxes, make sure to use only those that are specially made for Electro Sex – never use random power boxes because they are dangerous.

Here are some of the best E-Stim prostate sounds you can use for intense arousal and cumming:

E-Stim Diamond Head Penis Plug

E-Stim Diamond Head Penis Plug is a premium penis plug specially designed for Electro Stimulation use. This is a relatively short urethral toy but packed with power so it provides intense feelings. It is also a good toy for beginners who want to try E-stim with urethral toys for the first time. One great thing about this penis plug is that it comes with 3 diamond-shaped heads. The heads come in 3 different sizes: 7mm, 8.5mm and 9.5mm to accommodate various bodies and experience levels.

This penis plug has a 4mm socket at the base. This is where the magic of E-Stim comes into play. To use this plug, simply insert it into the penis and make sure to use plenty of lube to do so. Once the plug is securely in the place you can attach the plug to the power box and enjoy the feelings of urethral play with E-stim power. This penis plug is compatible with E-Stim Systems Power Box (sold separately). Make sure to only use proper power boxes that are made for E-stim – using any other power box is very dangerous.

E-Stim Dipstick Ultrasound

E-Stim Dipstick Ultrasound is an elegant urethral sound ideal for E-stim fun. This urethral toy is 8 inches long and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate various experience levels. You may choose between the 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter urethral sounds for a perfect E-stim fun. When choosing the size, make sure to pick the one that is closest to the diameter of your urethra. This will minimize the risks of injuries and other problems.

Once you have your Dipstick Ultrasound, simply insert it into the urethra and connect it to an E-stim power box. Make sure to use only proper E-stim power boxes: this model of urethral sound is compatible with the E-Stim Systems Powerbox (sold separately). It is crucial to use only proper E-Stim power box and not a random one, because it might be dangerous. The best way to connect your urethral sound to the power box is to insert the toy as deep as you want (don’t forget to use plenty of lube) and then attach the cable to the end. Once the power box attaches to the urethral sound, turn it on to test the best level that produces the most desirable sensations for you.

E-Stim Smooth Ultrasound

E-Stim Smooth Ultrasound is a fantastic Electro Sex urethral toy ideal for users with experience. This advanced toy is compatible with the E-Stim Systems Powerbox (sold separately). This is a smooth and comfortable urethral sound that is 7 inches long. It comes in 3 different sizes (diameters) so you can choose the best one for your needs: 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm. Make sure to pick the one that is closest to the diameter of your urethra to avoid injuries and other problems.

Simply insert the sound to the depth you want and don’t forget to use plenty of lube. Once the toy is secure inside the urethra insert the adapter into the end and turn on the power to let the fun begin! It is always good to start from low power if you are a beginner so you can see what feels good and to slowly increase the intensity as you go.

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3 thoughts on “Buyers’ Guide to the Best E-Stim Prostate Sound

  1. How do I determine the diameter of my urethra so i can select the correct diameter of the sound?

  2. There seems to still be a little judgmental finger pointing with the non electro stimulation freaks ! But nothing shows your partner or significant other, the total trust & confidence you trust them with the control of the power knob you let them watch you scream & cream & it gives them confidence in the trust you give to them being either a good friend or lover !! My daughters sister-in-law is about half my age , I’m 60 but I love electro stimulation of every kind I can experience & do !!???? she’s had a sheltered life compared to us old hippi thrill seakers !!????one day I just kind of hinted to her I was athrill seeking junky , asked her if she would like to stimulate this old man she’s known for 25 yrs. No strings attached or sexual favors expected just to introduce her to something I think every one should expierence once in their life ! She was a bit reluctant at first but courious so she came over one weekend & watched me show her how I did myself ,I slowly got her to place her hands on the controler then she started feeling the bleed through of power through my penis & nipple clamps . Now she loves coming over & making me scream & cream she calls it !! Its our little secret venture we both enjoy !!

  3. Hi Mike,
    Unfortunately there really is no good way to measure. This is one of those times that it is just a matter of trial and error. The most common starter size is 8mm with 7mm being a close second. I always suggest to err on the side of large though, because if you order to small then it was a waste of money, but if you get one to large, then you keep it and order smaller, but then you can use the larger one once you work up to that.
    Hope that helps some,

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