Burning and Bleeding with Urethral Toys

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Tried to insert a 10 mm plug in my urethra. It was really hard to get in. And a little blood and is still sore at times when I use my 9mm, which goes is nicely. Been about a week now I hope it will get better so I can wear my plugs again. Live them for masturbation stimulation is awesome. Please tell me it will get better. Thank you.

Burning and Bleeding with Urethral ToysPenis plugs are very exciting adult toys that can be very pleasurable. However, there is a certain risks that comes with the use of these toys. This is why it is so important to be careful during all forms of urethral play. It is particularly important for beginners to understand how to stay safe during urethral stimulation. Burning and bleeding are some of the main problems you may encounter. It is important to know how to minimize or prevent burning and bleeding with urethral toys.

Is Burning and Bleeding Normal?

One of the first things people want to know is whether burning and bleeding with urethral toys is normal. It is important to know that these are, in many ways, different things. Burning sensation is a relatively common consequence of urethral play. While it should not become unbearable, it is something you can expect. This is particularly true for burning during urination after urethral play. Using probes such as penis plugs and sounds can irritate the urethra so it will cause some burning when you urinate after you are done with urethral stimulation.

Bleeding is a more serious issue. It can signal a serious injure to the urethra, particularly if you also experience sharp, sudden pain during the use of urethral toys. If you are able to use smaller toys without bleeding then it’s probably not that serious but it is important to be ready to consult your doctor if bleeding continues.

The point is: burning and bleeding with urethral toys are not uncommon. They typically happen as a result of pushing toys too hard or trying to insert larger toys when your body is not ready. This can leave you sore and cause some discomfort.

Will it Get Better?

This problem should go after a while, so you need to be patient and try to abstain from urethral stimulation until you get better. However, it is vital to monitor your body and see if warning signs continue. If you notice bleeding, burning or constant discomfort it is important to seek medical help immediately. Keep in mind that urethral play brings serious risks so you need to protect your body if an injury happens.

If the burning and soreness is mild and if you don’t notice new bleeding, chances are that it is a minor problem. However, it is important to give your body some rest before you use a urethral wand again or another type of urethral toy. Also, monitor your body to notice potential warning signs such as bleeding, fever and other serious issues. Not to make you panic or anything but just to be on the safe side.

Burning and soreness should go after a while but again: you need to give your body a proper rest. It is understandable that urethral stimulation is tempting but you need to abstain for a while before you try it again. Also, it is important to know how to prevent further burning and bleeding with urethral toys so you can enjoy urethral play to the fullest.

How to Prevent Burning and Bleeding with Urethral Toys

There are some ways to prevent burning and bleeding with urethral toys:

  • Never push the toys in! This is the biggest mistake people make with urethral sounding. If it doesn’t want to go inside, stop. Let you body rest for a bit before you try again. You should never force a toy inside because it can lead to burning, injuries, tears to the urethra and other serious problems.
  • Don’t jump sizes. Before you move from a size you are comfortable with, make sure to train your urethra a little. It may be tempting to start using larger penis plugs and sounds but it often requires some preparation. Urethral stretchers and trainers are good toys to stretch your urethra gradually and without pain.
  • Use plenty of lube. In order to make urethral play smoother and to prevent discomfort, make sure to use plenty of lube. Apply a generous amount on both the urethral toys and your penis. Also, it is useful to re-apply lube during urethral play to minimize the risks of burning and soreness.
  • Take your time. Being relaxed is important for urethral play. It is also useful to have plenty of time to dedicate to toy insertion and urethral play. It is understandable that you are excited about masturbation with urethral toys but try to slow down. Take your time to insert penis plugs into the urethra and make frequent pauses to let your body adjust to the feeling of being stretched. Go slowly and gently to minimize the risks of burning, bleeding and soreness.
  • Know your limit. Make sure to know how much your urethra can take. Don’t try to go over that limit, especially not out of nowhere. For example, if you are comfortable with 9mm penis plugs, don’t start with 10mm ones if you feel that they might not be good for you.
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2 thoughts on “Burning and Bleeding with Urethral Toys

  1. Im using a ribbed plug 10mm I can’t get it out and think lube dried up, has 6 round pins I’ve managed to get one out so far then small bleeding seeped out, I dunno what to do I don’t wanna go to a n e but I can’t get it out

  2. What you need to do is to soak in a warm tub of water for a while then while you are still in the tub try to get some lube in there without irritating it at all, then try to remove it while you are relaxed in the warm water.

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