Flesh Suspension, Body Piercing, & Body Modification

A tisket a tasket, 4 bricks in the basketA relatively limited Art related to the Body Piercing industry is on its way to becoming much more popular and possibly even “main stream” in the near future. It is “Suspension”. This is accomplished when several body piercings are made in the body using Fish Hooks. Yes! we really do use Stainless Steel Fish Hooks with the barb ground down.

Do not go and pick up just any fish hook as they need to be the correct gauge to hold the weight of a human body, and they need to be Stainless Steel. We are considering adding them to our line in the near future if there is enough requests for them. There are only 2 particular hooks that are being used, and I think those fishing tackle companies probably just think that there has been a real population boom in the large Salmon 🙂 .

When all the piercings are complete and hooks inserted into the proper locations, then you are attached to ropes or cables that go to several different pulley’s which are used to lift you and “Suspend” you by these hooks. Sounds daring huh? Then later you can insert regular body jewelry to the piercings if you like, you do not keep the hooks in.
In a San Jose tattoo parlor, Mr Falkner who is considered the “Father of Modern Suspension,” had a class teaching just this. He took 15 different people from all lifestyles which varied from a lawyer from San Diego, an IT guy from Silicon Valley, two journalists from Mexico City, a state employee from Nebraska and a truck driver from Pennsylvania. In these classes they learned how to pierce skin, rig pulleys and clean wounds. On the final day after class they got the chance to practice their new skills on each other. Here is a link to this article if you would like to read more about it :

Body Piercing and Body Modification is here to stay, and Body Jewelry by TheChainGang.com is here to supply you with whatever you need. People will continue to find new ways to express themselves whether it be a tattoo, Body Piercing, Human Suspension, or some other form of body modification, there is something for everyone. Everyone enjoys being different, life would be really boring if everyone all looked and acted the same way.

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