Latest Trends in Body Piercing

Body Piercing is a fascinating form of Body art and there is hardly any young individual who is not drawn in by its exclusive air and charisma. Body Piercing definitely lends one’s personality the X-factor and an edge over others. Body Piercing means different things in different cultures. Sometimes, it signifies marriage and in other times it represents death of a near and dear one. However, apart from these representations, body piercing symbolizes coolness and attitude, simultaneously adding a distinct character to the person.

The field of Body Piercing is full of innovations and involves greater inventiveness in the arena of body jewelry design. People indulging in body piercing have definitely become more and more experimenting and so have the body jewelry designs and products. From the use of offtrack substances for manufacturing jewelry to the influx of tribal jewelry designs in mainstream body jewelry all indicate progressive trends in both in body piercing as well as body jewelry. The trends listed below typically allude to the latest developments taking place in the field of body piercings.

1.We have all heard of Genital Piercings and it no longer seems to surprise us. However, there is a new trend in body piercing that involves piercing of the nasal septum, where the body jewelry passes through the isthmus of the nose i.e the skin between the to nasal cavities. It was fairly common in ancient tribes.

2.Next comes the trend of getting the multiple ear cartilage piercings, it is different from your common ear piercings.

3.Another really innovative trend that has come to the forefront in recent times is that of Micro-Dermal anchoring. This is becoming very popular as in this instead of going through two sides of body part or tissue, it goes through only one part.

4.Getting a hooks pierced into one’s skin is also becoming fairly popular among some daredevils of this era for suspension.

The above trends may signify certain developments in the field of body piercing, however, it may prove dangerous for some people. It is not true that what suits others will suit you as well. Hence, be logical and think very carefully before getting on the ‘Trendy’ bandwagon.

Be very cautious before trying new trends. Consult your body piercer and only then follow your instincts.  Trend does not always mean risking your body and making it susceptible to dangers . Trends can also mean trying organic body piercing jewelry, new designs and developing healthy and hygienic habits especially in terms of care after getting a new body pierce. So be trendy but with some introspection!

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