Body Piercings for stimulation rather then just decoration

Piercing is not just to decorate you body, there are all so some great side affects of having body jewelry inserted into your body. A feeling of sexually pleasure can come from various piercings, especially the female genital piercings such as the Vertical and Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing, the Clitoris Piercing and the Labia Piercing.

You must go to a licensed piercer so that you can be examined for the proper place of the piercing as it depends on your particular anatomy as to where the piercing can go.

On the Hood Piercing when it is done correctly it can stimulate the Clitoris and can enhance pleasure. No worries about losing any sensation since you are only piercing a protective covering of your genitals. The best Jewelry for this piercing is either a Captive or Fixed Bead Ring or a Curved Barbell for the Vertical Hood Piercing, and Captive or Fixed Bead Rings or a Straight Barbells for the Horizontal Hood Piercing. You can use either 14k Gold, Titanium, or Surgical Steel Body Jewelry they are all fine, however we personally recommend the Surgical Steel or Titanium body jewelry for these piercings.

If you are planning on getting a Clitoris Piercing make sure that you only use a Professional Body Piercer that is familiar with this particular piercing. This is a painful and a risky piercing. The piercing itself will go through the nerves that control your sexual pleasure. So if done the wrong way you can lose that sensation partially or completely. So only trust a pro to do this piercing. Don’t be shy to the point of stupid. The appropriate Jewelry for this piercing is either a Ring or a Straight Barbell.

The Labia Piercing is basically just like getting your navel pierced. It is mainly just for decoration as you will not get any additional sexual pleasure with this piercing. Only because the labia is too far from the Clitoris to really add any pleasure. The best jewelry that is suited for this piercing is Captive Bead Rings. They are available in 14k Gold, Titanium, and Surgical Steel. They are also available with Dangles. So they are plenty of choices to accessories with.

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