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Surgical Steel Screwball Rings

Surgical Steel Screwball Rings

One thing that really bugs me is when someone gets a piercing and they ask nothing at all about the piercing, and I have to tell them everything. Even then you can tell that what you are saying is going in one ear and out the other. Usually if you don’t care enough to ask, you don’t care enough to listen.

Then that same person will go and order jewelry from a company and do one of two things. Either they will say I want to get a piece of jewelry but I have no clue as to what I can use, what size it needs to be, or what gauge it needs to be.

Or they will not say a thing, and order the piece that they want in whatever size and gauge they think is common, and then swear that the gauge and size they get are wrong, because they were told that their piece was such and such gauge and size and they remember it like it was 2 minutes ago.

First of all Piercing studios should be giving you all of the sizing information and aftercare information in writing because many of you are nervous and scared and will not remember anything we tell you. If they are not doing this, they really do not care to much then in my opinion.

However You Have to take care of, and take responsibility for Your Body. You should be asking questions when you are allowing someone to stick a needle in your body and follow it up with a piece of metal. Don’t worry about bugging us, or assuming that we must know what we are doing. You should be making sure that You are confident that we know what we are doing, and that what we are doing is the correct way. You should be learning what types of jewelry you can put into your piercing, and what gauge and size you need to us. You should be asking how to take care of the piercing, and the minimum time to leave the initial piercing jewelry in for. You should because it is Your Body.

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