Body Piercing to the Extreme – Man gets about 1200 Piercings in One Day!

Body Piercing world record, which Jeremy Stroud broke on May 2nd 2009, by receiving 1197 piercings in a single day, clears all doubt about human endurance and potential to resist pain.

The self-confessed body modification enthusiast, Jeremy Stroud, from Arlington Texas, was under the needle for five hours. Well worth enough, when you can set an unprecedented body piercing record!

Body Piercing professional, Tyson Turk inserted 800 needles into Jeremy’s back, 300 in his right arm, 50 in his leg and 20 in his left arm. Although the piercings were removed later, yet they did leave behind the scars of victory and courage.

The new star of the body piercing world, Jeremy Stroud, did get to 1200 piercings but the body ruled over the determined mind and he had to suffice with 1197. Not at all bad for a record!

Body Piercing is more than just a fashion fad these day, its about wearing your spirit on your sleeve and Jeremy Stroud has shown a lot of it! The piercing artist cannot be ignored either for his amazing efforts to let Jeremy become the piercing star.

The rare feat attained by Jeremy, shows how passion can surpass physical boundaries of pain. To say that the piercing record is anyone’s game would be deflating the glory, which Jeremy truly deserves.

Body Piercing involves body modification according your physical and mental limits. There is no point attempting something that will lead you to distress. Jeremy seemed cut out for such a stint and hence achieved it gracefully.

Everybody does not have the same endurance and so go for different types of body piercings. One can start with small body modifications and which are fewer in number!

Ear piercing, eyebrow piercing, nose piercing and navel piercing are some bod mods that really do not require a herculean strength and are perfect for taking the initial steps into the body piercing world.

Body modification is a change that is more or less permanent, so if you want to indulge in body piercing then make sure you do it the right way!

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3 thoughts on “Body Piercing to the Extreme – Man gets about 1200 Piercings in One Day!

  1. I think u stated it well . Some do go over board and some don’t . Do it for the rite reason . And be careful were u get the piercing – keep in mind one day u will have to go for a job interview.

  2. This is probably one of the best articals I have read about myself. Really acurate. And yes this is the guy that broke the reacord. As far as piercings and work as stated in the comment above. They can always come out.

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