Myths about Body Piercing

Body Piercing is undoubtedly one of the most popular cultural practices and indulgences of people of all ages. However, it is also one of the things which is greatly misunderstood and misconceived. This is mainly due to the fact that body piercing involves pain which makes many people uncomfortable and hence leads them to build up notions about body piercing which are not true. Moreover, they discard it as something away from the mainstream and often criticize it. Body Piercing on the other hand, is just another way of adorning yourself and expressing your personality through jewelry. Following are some myths that people have in their minds about body piercing.

Body Piercing can lead to death due to excessive bleeding

    – It is one of the most ridiculous myths. Body Piercing when done correctly will not lead to death from bleeding out, not even a

Tongue piercing

    (a sensitive organ to pierce). There are certain delicate veins and nerves in the tongue, but a skilled piercer is trained to be very careful while piercing it. The piercing procedure does not result in excessive bleeding (unless the person is suffering from Hemophilia in which case the piercer will never allow the patient to undergo body piercing). You should always get a body piercing from a certified body jewelry piercer.

Body Piercing is Extremely Painful

    – Body Piercing is without doubt, painful but the extremity of pain depends on the endurance of the person getting pierced and is hence, relative. Pain in body piercing is not like a prolonged tormenting hurtful sensation. It is more of a sharp prick that stimulates the skin for some seconds. If the piercing process is prolonged only then the pain might linger on, otherwise it can be endured. An efficient piercer always aims to minimize the pain involved in body piercing.

Piercing can cause Paralysis

    – Another false claim, piercing is never embedded too deeply in the skin that it can cause nerves to breakdown or muscles to become paralyzed. Many people believe (wrongfully though) that if the

eyebrow pierce

    is inserted too deeply then it might cause paralysis of half face. Body Piercing never causes paralysis of any muscle facial or otherwise. Piercing does not puncture the bones either, so please do not get fooled by false arguments.

Allergy or Infection always accompanies body piercing

    – This myth is as false as any other mentioned above. Body Piercing can lead to infection or allergy, but is much less common if it is done by a certified body piercer rather then done by the person himself or a friend. Another thing that should be remembered is that the person getting a pierce should always convey to the piercer what all materials is he allergic to. A good body piercer will never pierce if the individual is allergic to certain material such as nickel, acrylic, etc. Infections can be easily prevented if precautions are taken and piercing is done by an APP Certified body piercer. A professional piercer would never be careless about infections and will also instruct the individual on how to take care of the piercings. In fact when infection does occur it is almost always due to improper aftercare, and not the piercing itself.

Body Piercing hinders routine life

    – Wearing small and manageable piercings will not hinder your daily routine. Unless your body jewelry includes a large ring around your nose or ears, it will never cause obstructions in the life processes. Another important thing is that piercing never cause problems in physiological functions. In piercings, the body jewelry is pierced in the epidermal layer of the skin and not too deeply so as affect processes of the body.

Navel Piercing can harm affect your stomach or damage uterus

    – This is another myth, as first of all navel piercing is not recommended to all but only to people who have a prominent navel ridge. Moreover, all your vital organs are protected by a strong layer of muscles. A certified and a professional piercer would always use forceps or clamps, so that only the skin is pierced (which itself is made of three layers) and not the muscles or any tissue. Therefore, rid yourself of the misconception that you will suffer from infections if you get a navel pierce. As far as uterus is concerned, the thought of it being damaged by a piece of jewelry is itself frivolous. The uterus is protected by layers and layers of skin and the muscle. However, piercing during pregnancy is not advisable.

The above myths have completely rendered this beautiful category of body art as wrongly perceived. Hence, think hard before getting a pierce and always go to a professional and a certified body piercer.

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