Body Piercing and Medical Issues

Body Piercing has become extremely popular in our world today. There is no one age group that is getting these piercing done it is everybody. So now that you are all pierced up and the unexpected comes, like a MRI, Pregnancy, or a Flight. Do you have to lose your hard earned piercings for these things? The answer is no.

When you have to have an MRI or similar procedure done you need to take out all of your Jewelry and replace it with All Acrylic Jewelry. An MRI uses a Magnetic resonance imaging (hence the name) to take images of your body. You cannot wear any metal Jewelry during this procedure because it will distort the images. It can also literally be a projectile in the MRI room. It is very dangerous and that is why they are so adamant about the jewelry issue. This is one reason why we carry All Acrylic Body Jewelry so that you can keep you piercings open and happy during these procedures.

Did you get your navel piercing all healed up, and now find out you are pregnant. You no longer have to remove your jewelry to prevent the navel from tearing. We now have available the Pregnancy Barbell that is made just for that. You can get it in a very large size so when your piercing is stretched by the baby the Jewelry will not restrict your skin and cause any damage. It is very flexible so it will change shape as he or she wants it to.
Have you been on a flight lately and have your jewelry get pick up by airport security? How embarrassing when you have to strip down to show them your Jewels literally. You can now wear Acrylic Jewelry in those piercings to prevent those strip searches. There is no metal in all acrylic Jewelry obviously and it will let you get in and out of the airport with no problems, or lost body jewelry.

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