Airport Security and Body Piercing Jewelry

Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbells

Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbells

It seems that things are starting to get a better regarding body piercing jewelry at airports. Many people have told us that they are not getting hassled nearly the way that they used to.

After 9-11 security was heightened and at times and in different locations it seemed that it was raised to the point of being silly for those of us with body piercings. I think that not only has security gotten a little more relaxed and reasonable, but so has the general public of mainstream.

Still though using the Acrylic, Wood, Bone and Horn, or Glass pieces can save you a ton of aggravation when traveling.

I do also have a friend that has quite a lot of Titanium body jewelry (all below the waist) and he flies regularly and he has yet to be questioned at all, so we have been wondering what they know, or don’t know. They have to be able to see it I would think but I do not know for sure.

Although body piercings are become more widely accepted and common place, they are definitely not as main stream as ear piercing or what we might hope for. People are starting to realize though that todays nose piercing or eyebrow piercing is yesterdays ear piercing.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow is 🙂

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