Where should one get his or her body pierced?

Body Piercing involves a lot of precision and concentration. It is a practice that can result in a complete transformation of personality both physically as well as psychologically. Getting one’s body pierced includes enduring some pain, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. The procedure involved in body piercing requires a lot of attention and skills and cannot be performed by everyone. For doing body piercing, one has to be a certified professional piercer. So after you have made the crucial decision of getting your body pierced, make sure that you go to a certified body piercing studio and inquire about a professional piercer. A friend’s garage is not the place to get a body piercing from.

Body Piercing is not a DIY operation i.e Do-it-yourself and hence, should not ever be attempted by yourself unless you want to end up hurting yourself. Body Piercing includes interjection of a needle inside one’s skin. It is as delicate as a medical procedure and hence should never be conducted on your own. No matter how adept your friend or acquaintance might be in body piercing, you should never get your body pierced from him or her. There is a good chance of obtaining an infection, if you get your body pierce from run-of-the-mills amateur piercers.

Body Piercing is the rebel’s prerogative however, it should also be that of the wise. Professional piercers do not perform piercing procedure on teenagers without parental consent. This pushes the teenagers to experiment themselves and they end up hurting their bodies. Parents should keep a real vigil over their children and guide them properly about body piercings and the best age and place to get it at and from.

Make sure that your body piercer is registered with the APP (Association of Professional Piercers). This association of piercers has a set pattern of rules that all the piercers have to follow. These rules give great importance to health and safety of the person getting a pierce.

A body piercing procedure does not get over with the insertion of jewelry piece inside. A professional body piercer will guide you and tell you how to go about aftercare and maintenance of piercing. This information can never be imparted by an amateur or a non-pro simply because he or she would not be aware of it. Hence, in order to undergo a smooth piercing session and keep an infection-free piercing, it is mandatory that you consult a skilled professional piercer. Thus the place to get your body piercing from is none other than a professional ‘Body Piercing Studio or Salon’.

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  1. Currently in my area certain shops won’t do any work without documentation about the quality of the jewelry being inserted. They are now requesting the documentation of the grade of stainless steel being used and the ATM F138 Mill Certification of the piece as well. I’ve now been stopped several times for not having this documentation. Just FYI to everyone out there.

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