Body Piercing and Pregnancy

Body Piercing involves no additional risks for a woman. However, during pregnancy the body of a woman undergoes a lot of changes to which she has to adapt and hence, getting a piercing when already having conceived the fetus is not advisable. According to the APP guidelines, getting a navel piercing or nipple piercing are dangerous and hence not recommended.

Women are even advised to not go for ear piercing as it might result in an infection or allergy that might put the baby in jeopardy. The main change that occurs during pregnancy is enlargement of belly and breasts. As a result if you get a piercing done during that time or persist with the ones you already have then the holes might become larger and not heal completely. These piercings then become delicate and vulnerable to infections. However, if you are really adamant on keeping the navel piercing during pregnancy then it is recommended that you replace the jewelry with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). These are flexible plastics used in surgical implants. The purpose of wearing these is that they do not let the holes close and are flexible enough to bend and flex as the body undergoes changes.

Another thing is to be kept in mind is that although a nipple piercing does not usually hinders nursing or breast feeding. The milk ducts would not close due to piercing, however, it is suggested that women remove the piercing jewelry from their breasts and adapt to the new role of mother more appropriately without threatening the child in any way or themselves.

If you have a pierce that is already healed then it is completely up to you whether you want to keep it or not. There are no formal guidelines for healed piercings. Never go for new piercings during pregnancy and even after delivery at least for three months. As far as piercing your nipples is concerned, you should wait for at least 3 months after cessation of breast milk production before getting your nipples pierced.

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