Body Piercing in history and the future

The art of body piercing has been around for many years. It can be dated back to the to ancient times and even the Bible. So why would so many people have a problem with body piercings? I think it the lack of understanding about the piercings and also just being prejudice.

There are several different piercings that can be found a in history such as Ear Lobe Piercing that were stretched, Nose Piercings, and even Nipple Piercings. Some of these piercings can be date back almost centuries ago. These piercings were done for various reasons such as ear piercing was done by primitive tribes to ward off demons from entering the body. The Nose piercing is a common piercing in India. The reason behind is that is was believe to make child birth easier. The Nipple Piercing was done for the simple reason most piercings are done today fashion. But in ancient Rome it was used to attach their cape to.
Body Piercings are very popular and according to the history of this planet they will be around for a very long time. Whether you pierce for fashion, pleasure, or religious reasons you should also be very careful when choosing the studio to have this done and take very good care of your piercing so you too can make it in the history books about body piercing for many years to come.

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