Body Piercing Advice

Body piercing dates back several centuries that is today classified as body art to many people. Throughout history, just the mention of body piercing separated the upper class, was a religious sign, or to protect them from evil among many other reasons all across the world. Today, more and more individuals are using this unique art form to adorn their bodies with beautiful handcrafted body jewelry to enhance their beauty, to show their own unique personality or to just accessorize.

Deciding to have body piercings is a personal and important decision. Before you just jump in feet first, you should note the risk involved as well as how to care for your piercings once you have them. Body piercing does have risks, however, if done properly and with a properly trained and licensed professional you will minimize the risks greatly. The serious risks that have been noted include bleeding, infection, damage to nerves, damage to teeth, and allergic reaction. Infection can occur when the piercer does not use gloves or sterile equipment, or if you do not care for the piercing properly. In order to ensure you can lower your risks from infection you should ask how to clean and care for your piercings properly and then stick to it until they are completed healed.

The way in which a body piercing is done is by the use of a hollow needle that creates a hole in the area you wish to wear body jewelry. Once the hole has been created with a needle, you will then be able to wear the body jewelry of your choice. There may be a small amount of bleeding and swelling. In most cases, Motrin or Tylenol will be the best for the small amount of pain you may experience.

The cost of your piercings can vary according to the location of the piercing and the jewelry you have chosen to wear. The less expensive piercings are the ear and the nose whereas the nipple, tongue, or genital piercings are more expensive. The choice of body jewelry can be 14K gold, surgical steel, titanium, acrylic, and more. Of course, 14K gold will be more expensive. Never use any plated jewelry though.

The best advice of all is to choose a professional salon. Check around and see if the salon is clean. Do not visit a salon that uses a gun for piercing, this can cause damage to the tissue near the piercing. Follow care instructions and visit your physician if there are signs of an infection.

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