Body Jewelry Trends Set by the Divas at the 2009 Oscars

Genuine Diamond – Bezel Cluster – Nostril Screw or NoseBone

Celebrities are definite trend setters, and there is no better way to know about the upcoming body jewelry trends than to keep an eye on what the stars are sporting. The Oscars have always been one high profile event where the bling is much more than anywhere else. Do we, then, need to look anywhere else to know what jewelry trends will rule this summer? Certainly not! Let’s look at some bling bling you absolutely must add to your collection this year.

Diamonds – Freida Pinto’s diamond drop earrings made a definite statement. Paired with that gorgeous blue gown, the earrings tuned heads and made everyone sigh.

Platinum/White Gold – Yellow gold seemed to be getting a little less popular and the divas walked down the red carpet in elegant pieces made from platinum and white gold.

Colorful pieces – Amy Adams and Angelina Jolie moved away from the crystal clear look and opted for colored, eye catching pieces. This turned quiet a few heads and got the cameras clicking wild!

Huge bracelets – As demonstrated by the Hollywood beauty Samantha Harris, bold bracelets are the way to go this season. The bigger, the better. Pick up ones with colored stones.

So now none of this is body jewelry, but it all follows the same course. As much as we like to think that we are the trend setters, the fact is more like we usually do set the trends, but the Style is guided based on what is popular. So take in all of the new jewelry style trends and adapt them to your body jewelry and you are sure to be seen as the trend setter with style.

Go ahead and splurge a little and get your body jewelry collection up to date. Remember people will always tell you when it looks good but they will never tell you that you look out of date or stale.

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It’s time for some jewelry shopping!

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