Body Jewelry to Enhance Beauty and Accent Personality

Body jewelry has been worn throughout history for a variety of reasons from religion to showing the class status of a family. Jewelry has been used to accent clothing, facial features, and other parts of the body such as naval rings.

Today, body jewelry is more popular today than ever before. Once Americans saw, the unique beauty of nose rings while visiting India in the 1960’s this became a huge and important beginning to all types of body jewelry we see today. America was more than likely the last place on earth for body jewelry to be in such demand, believed to have been caused by the Puritan beliefs that are so prominent in America since its early days. In America, body jewelry is not a sign of religion or even a show of status, but is a more personal aspect of ones own personality. Of course, there are still some that turn their head when seeing someone with all kinds of piercings, believing they are “bad people”, however, today you will see many stars with all kinds of piercings as well, turning an unexpected expression of oneself into a huge fashion statement.
The most common body piercings include the ear lobes, nose, eyebrow, and naval, even though other body parts are also being pierced such as the nipple. As fashion trends, change so will the styles of body piercings and the places you will find body jewelry.

Ear lobe jewelry has been commonplace, but today even the body jewelry for ear lobes has evolved into unique and expressive pieces of art. You can find a large variety of earrings in all kinds of materials including 14K gold, hybrids (which are both gold & steel), surgical steel, organics, and other materials. When you begin to look at the various earrings in the categories, you will be amazed at the styles you can find to enhance the beauty of your ears as well as give a hint to your personality. A few of the styles you can find include rings, gem ball rings, captive bead rings, circular barbells, double gem side circular barbells, straight barbells, spirals, and labrets such as 14K gold prong set ones and 14K gem set Princess cut labrets.

Nose body jewelry can be just as beautiful and will allow you to express your inner personality with such styles as captive beads, Surgical Steel Circular Tusk, 14K Gold – Prong Set – Nostril Screws or NoseBones, Titanium Flat Disc Jeweled Nostril Screws, and Surgical Steel and White Gold Prong Set Nostril Screws.

Eyebrow jewelry can help to accent your gorgeous eyes with such styles as 14k Double Side Set Gem Spiral, 14k Micro Gem Set Skull Eyebrow Curved Barbell, 14k Micro Heart Eyebrow Curved Barbell, Titanium Carousel Cylinders with Ring, Surgical Steel Jeweled Gripper Rings, Silver Lightning Eyebrow Barbells, and All Acrylic UV Reactive Captive Rings to name a few.

Naval jewelry may be one of the most popular body jewelry items ever allowing you to express yourself while showing off that midriff. Just a bit of color or style will be sure to get you seconds looks. Some of the most popular styles for naval body jewelry include curbed barbells, rings, and spirals all in 14K gold, Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed Ring, 5 Gem Jacket Hybrid Curved Barbell, Large Flower Hybrid Curved Barbell, Titanium Carousel Cylinders with Ring, Double Jeweled Belly Knocker Curved Barbell, Niobium Seamless Rings, and Assorted French Ticklers.

Now, you can choose the best body jewelry to enhance your own beauty as well as express your personality once you know what type of piercings will work best.

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