Body Jewelry – Not Just a Fad

Many people considered body jewelry only a fad, however, when movie stars began wearing all kinds of body jewelry the fad has now become a huge fashion statement. Today, you can find stars both male and female and young and old sporting all kinds of unique body jewelry from ear piercings to areas you cannot see as they stroll down the red carpet. This phenomenon has increased the popularity of body jewelry across the world.

Not too long ago, body jewelry pretty much had a bad rap and was not seen except on punk rockers, gang members, or those wanting to put on a “bad boy” or “bad girl” persona; however, today, this is far from the truth. Even Morgan Freeman now wears an earring! What does this tell you about the image of body jewelry and has it has transformed into a fashion statement that allows wearers the chance to show off their own unique style or personality. Body jewelry just happens to put you in the “hip crowd” while letting you express yourself with unique designs for all parts of your body.

Everywhere you look today, you will find stars wearing all kinds of body jewelry. Britney Spears loves navel or belly button rings. Christina Aguilera, Jessica Lafreniere, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, and Scarlet Johansson have been seen wearing nose rings.

This is just a few of the stars that love their body jewelry. You have many others such as Camryn Manheim wears several earrings on one ear. Gillian Anderson from “The X Files” is also proud of her body jewelry even though you can only see her belly ring when she is wearing the right clothing. Tongue piercings are also very popular with such as Melanie Brown, Jimmy Gulzar, James King, and Christy Turlington. Pierced nipples are a rave with stars like Janet Jackson, Bjork, Axl Rose, Lil Kim, Britney Spears, and Tommy Lee.

Movie stars, wrestlers, dancers, models, you name it, just about all have a body piercing somewhere whether it be a nose ring or one in a more private area. The fad is no longer a fad as you can tell by the celebrities that have donned all kinds of body jewelry, thus bringing along their fans to enjoy this fashion trend that is here to stay.

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