Blogging, RSS and Feed Readers Made Easy!

We have learned from a recent poll that we did that many people were unaware of our blog at all, and especially were not sure how to use a blog so here is a little help for that. If you like our blog (which you can find here ) then you want to subscribe to our blog feed, so that every time we post something new, you will know it instantly. To do this most all browsers such as Firefox can have the Feedreader built right in, but may need a “Feed Reader” depending on your platform and browser in order to read it and organize all of your other feeds that you are sure to add once you get started with this.

Free RSS Feed Readers
Whether you prefer an “Internet Web Based” solution to avoid the download, or you want to have a “Program Application” on your PC so that you do not have to login to a website, there is a free solution for you.

Web Based Feed Readers

Application Based Feed Readers

Just pick the one that you would like to use, and then make sure that you subscribe to our blog feed by adding it to the program you choose;

With this, we hope that the whole RSS, blogging and feed reader concepts have been made a little easier!

About The Chain Gang:
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