Bladder Sounding: How Deep to Go?

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What sound technique do you use to enter the bladder? I have a 12” sound, about how deep do you slide a sound in to reach the bladder, and how do you know when you have entered the bladder?

Bladder SoundingDeep urethral sounding is an extreme technique ideal for users with plenty of experience. This is not something you want to attempt as a newbie or even as a casual fan of urethral play. Deep forms of urethral sounding, such as prostate or, more extreme, bladder sounding, are very intense and not ideal for everyone.

Those who want to know more about it need to understand that many times, going into the bladder is just not something you want to do – unless you truly know what you are doing. Even for users with plenty experience with urethral sounds, bladder sounding is not a thing unless they are into extreme forms of urethral play. However, if you want to know more about this type of sounding, it is important to get informed and to follow all safety precautions. This is the only way to stay safe during urethral stimulation that involves the bladder. 

Do I Really Want to Do This?

The first thing you need to ask yourself about bladder sounding is whether you truly want to do it or not. Remember, this type of urethral play is not for everyone. Even some of the users with plenty of experience don’t want to go that deep. Going into the bladder can bring pain and urinary tract infections. You may also experience urine flow that you cannot control.

On the other hand, there are many people who say that the idea of sounding into the bladder is highly erotic and that they want to try it. These people are typically familiar with sounding into the prostate and have perhaps encountered sounding to the bladder entrance. While this is not a guarantee that they will like bladder sounding, they might be good candidates to try it. Again, it is important to go slowly and to do everything you can to stay safe!

The Best Technique for Bladder Sounding

If you want to try deep urethral play, you will need a toy that can go truly deep and that will provide a good fit. This is why urethral sounds with a curve on the end work great. Toys such as Van Buren sounds are specially designed for deep urethral play. It is better to use them than straight sounds when you want to go past the prostate.

You will generally know when you hit the prostate entrance because you will encounter some resistance. With gently rotating the sound and without much pushing, you should be able to enter the prostate. This is a highly arousing and erotic experience for many people. If you gently move your sound even deeper, you will go through the bladder and you will encounter a new resistance. This is the entrance of your bladder.

Many people are satisfied with only teasing the entrance of the bladder with the tip of their urethral sound. Even this feeling can be highly erotic. However, those who want to go into the bladder will need to move the sound a bit further. Do not push: this can only irritate and damage your bladder. Work slowly on relaxing yourself and tease around the entrance of the bladder until you get inside. Keep in mind that this is an extremely intense or even painful experience but it is arousing for those who are into extreme sounding and painful pleasures. Don’t be surprised if you release some urine during sounding: this is often (but not always) a sign that you are inside of the bladder.

Instead of metal urethral sounds, using catheters or soft, flexible urethral toys can work much better for bladder sounding. These toys are comfortable and less intense, which is something you need while you are still practicing sounding into the bladder. Catheters are medical devices so they are sterile, which is something you absolutely need for bladder sounding. However, if you prefer silicone sounds or hard sounds you may use them but be careful and make sure to sterilize them before use.

How Deep to Go?

This will largely depend on the person and his individual anatomy. For some people, it is easier to get sounding devices into the prostate and bladder. Others need to go deeper, so to speak. Generally speaking, an 11” or 12” long urethral sound will do. However, it is important that your urethral toy has a curve on the end so it follows natural curves in the urethra.

Again, consider using catheters or soft, flexible urethral toys if you want to engage in bladder sounding. These toys are more comfortable and it might be easier to insert them into the bladder. Whatever you do, make sure to use only sterile toys! It is important to protect yourself against urinary tract infections and other issues.

Happy sounding!

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