Exclusive Labret Body Jewelry from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to the largest body jewelry store on the web – The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We have a massive collection of high quality body piercing jewelry where each piece of body jewelry is unique in its design and structure. Moreover, we update our site with new products almost every day to keep you updated with the latest jewelry designs on our store.

Blackline Spiked LabretLooking for Labret Studs? Check out our Blackline Spiked Labret which comes to you medically treated and with a permanent coating which can never wear off. The labret is placed over medical grade titanium jewelry without any use of alloys.

Our Blackline Spiked Labret is one of the safest and most advanced piece of body jewelry you can find on the web. The PVD coating done on the labret is also used on pacemakers and other implants.

Do not think any more! You can’t get better deal than this anywhere else. The product costs you $24.99 and can be purchased from our online shopping store by visiting the product page located at “Blackline Spiked Labret” present under “Labret” category of our “Some Body Parts” section.

About The Chain Gang:
At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we produce some of the very finest Quality Body Piercing Jewelry and Adult Toys in the Industry. We are also always happy to help you whenever we can. Just email us. Russ@TheChainGang.com www.TheChainGang.com

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