Bites Lip Piercings

Bites lip piercings are popular lip piercing types many people want to have. These piercings are relatively small in size yet very effective, so they are ideal for those who wish to achieve a stylish look. Piercings such as Angel bites, Snake bites, Dolphin bites and others look very cool. They make a great choice for both men and women who wish to have a very effective lip piercing.

Bites Piercing

What Makes Bites Piercings Unique?

In essence, bites piercings consist of several different piercings. Each piercing on itself is fairly simple and typically uses basic yet elegant jewelry pieces, such as labrets or Captive Bead Rings.

Typically, bites piercing come in two variants: bites piercings made of two piercings and those made of four piercings. Unlike Industrial piercing, different piercings that make a bites piercing are not physically connected by jewelry. Instead, they make a visual pair. Most of the time, the image they produce are of a certain type of a “bite” (hence the name).What makes these piercings unique and truly effective is the way two or more piercings are placed: together, they make a special image or a special effect. As such, bites piercings are never made from a single piercing, and if jewelry is not worn in one of the piercing holes, it is not a bites piercing. Bites piercings are usually made by combining several Labret, Monroe or Medusa piercings.

Popular Bite Piercing Types

There are many different types of “bites” piercings you can try. The exact piercing will depend on your preferences and desired style, but it’s important to know that these piercings are usually not dependent on anatomy. It means that in most of the cases, everybody can get them if they want them. In other words, the only limit is your imagination!

Bites Piercing Made of 2 Piercings:

  • Snake Bites. This is probably the most popular of all bites piercings. It consists of two piercings, each on the each side of the lower lip.
  • Angel Bites. This is another popular bite piercing form. It resembles Snake Bites, but on the upper lip.
  • Dolphin Bites. It consists of two piercings centered on the lower lip, similar to Snake Bites piercing, but positioned closer together.
  • Spider Bites. Also known as Viper Bites piercing. This piercing pair is made close together on the bottom lip.
  • Cyber Bites. This piercing is a combination of the Medusa and Labret piercings. One piercing is done on the upper lip, right in the center, while the other is made on the center of the bottom lip.
  • Dahlia. This piercing consists of a piercing pair located on the corners of the mouth. One piercing is done on the left and the other one on the right corner of the mouth.

Bites Piercing Made of 4 Piercings:

  • Shark Bites. This piercing is made of a pair of Spider Bites piercings. It has two close piercings done on both sides of the lower lip, to make 4 piercing holes in total.
  • Canine Bites. This is a single piercing done on both sides of both the upper and lower lip. It makes a combination of the Angel Bites and Snake Bites piercings.
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