The Best Way to Sterilize Sounds

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A pressure cooker will sterilize perfect. Sounds must be sterile.

It is vital to keep all your urethral sounds and other sex toys clean. In case of metal toys such as sounds and anal probes, it is important to use sterilization. Simply wiping a toy with a cloth and alcohol is not enough. This is particularly important in the case of urethral toys because not enough cleaning can cause infections. This is why it is so important to find the best method to sterilize sounds and other toys.

What is the Best Way to Sterilize Sounds?

Sterilize SoundsYou may wonder about the best way to sterilize sounds and your other masturbation toys. This will mainly depend on the material of your sex toys. It is one of the reasons why it’s so important to use only high-quality toys made of safe materials. If you cannot properly sterilize your toy, it is not completely safe to use.

In the case of metal toys, sterilization is a must, particularly when it comes to urethral toys. These toys go deep into the urethra and if there is any bacteria on them an infection is likely. The toys will spread the bacteria all the way to the bladder, which is bad news. Both men and women should be more than aware of it – if you want to practice urethral play, usual rules about men not being at so much risk of urinary tract infections as women do not apply. Men are at high risk of these infections if they practice urethral stimulation. This is why it’s so important to sterilize sounds and other urethral toys. Again, simply cleaning them with alcohol or soap is not enough.

The easiest way to sterilize sounds in your home is to boil them in water. This will kill most of the microorganisms and make urethral toys safe to use. A simple bowl will do but a pressure cooker may be a better choice to sterilize sounds. Indeed, there are many users who report great results with pressure cookers. While this method is not ideal for everyone it may be a good method to sterilize your sounding devices.

Is there a Bad Side to Sterilizing in Boiling Water?

Those who wish to sterilize sounds in boiling water such as in a pressure cooker need to know that this is not the perfect method for sterilization. First of all, to fully sterilize your urethral sound, penis plug, Prince’s wand, penis vibrator or another urethral toy, it is necessary to use an autoclave. Only an autoclave makes for perfect sterilization.

Since most people don’t have an autoclave in their home, it is understandable to use other means of sterilization. By boiling your metal toy in water for about 10 minutes, you are ensuring sterilization that may not be perfect but it is typically good enough. This is what most people use in their homes.

However, keep in mind that sterilization by boiling is not always the good idea. Boiling can damage the surface of metal toys and expose the material underneath. In case you have toys that are not fully made of safe materials this can actually damage the toy and make it less safe to use. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about sterilizing your sounds and other urethral toys.

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