The Best Transverse Lobe Piercing Jewelry

Transverse lobe piercing is stylish, original and very attractive. It is a great choice for those who want to have an effective and unusual ear piercing without being too extreme. A transverse lobe piercing goes through the earlobe so it doesn’t bring much pain. At the same time, it is much more sophisticated and original than a common earlobe piercing. Transverse lobe piercing jewelry comes in many shapes and designs so it is possible to choose the best ones for yourself.

Popular Transverse Lobe Piercing Jewelry

Transverse Lobe Piercing JewelryTransverse lobe piercing goes horizontally through the earlobe. It means that it is relatively long and goes through more tissue than regular lobe piercing. This determines the length of the transverse lobe piercing jewelry you need to use.

While this is not the longest piercing you can get or not even the longest ear piercing (Industrial piercings tend to be longer) it is important to note that transverse lobe piercing does require jewelry pieces of certain dimensions. You should never allow your transverse lobe jewelry to be too short: jewelry pieces that are too short can dig into the tissue and cause trouble.

It is also important to know that it is possible to have a transverse earlobe piercing along with a regular lobe piercing. This regular earlobe piercing can be stretched to a much larger gauge. If you choose to do this it can be very effective when you combine it with a transverse lobe piercing. In this case your transverse lobe piercing jewelry will need to go near your stretched lobe piercing. Some people even have their transverse lobe jewelry going through the stretched lobe jewelry. This is something you need to think about and organize properly so piercings and their jewelry don’t get into the way of each other.

Here are the most popular types of transverse lobe piercing jewelry:

1) Straight Barbells

Straight barbells are the most common transverse lobe piercing jewelry styles. They are elegant and come in many different sizes so it is possible to choose the right ones for your needs. A good thing about straight barbells is that they have a classic, comfortable design but can also come with very attractive beads for additional decoration.

The best type of straight barbells for transverse lobe piercings are the extra-long straight barbells. These are often called “Industrial barbells” because they can fit Industrial piercings. These barbells work great because transverse lobe piercings are relatively long.

2) Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are another popular choice for transverse lobe piercing jewelry, though not as common as straight barbells. These come in many stylish and richly ornamented designs that you can make your lobe look super attractive and noticeable. At the same time, there are more classic looking curved barbells for those who prefer simple elegance.

If you want to use curved barbells and like richly ornamented jewelry pieces keep in mind that there is a balance you need to achieve. On one hand, it is okay to use curved barbells with gems and other decorations but you should not go overboard. Curved barbells with dangles and other decorative elements can make for a very heavy jewelry piece that is uncomfortable in the earlobes. Also, such jewelry pieces can be dangerous if dangles and other parts of jewelry get snagged on clothing or when you walk near objects. For this reason it is recommended to refrain from using curved barbells that are too ornamented.

Choosing Transverse Lobe Piercing Jewelry

How to choose the best transverse lobe piercing jewelry for yourself? A lot will depend on your individual preferences and taste, but there are some things to take into account. For example, the type of the needle that the piercer use to perform the piercing can determine whether you will need to use straight barbells or curved barbells. Straight needles produce straight piercing holes so you need to use straight barbells; curved needles mean that you need to use curved barbells.

The shape of your earlobe also plays an important role in choosing transverse lobe piercing jewelry. People with unattached earlobes typically use straight barbells. While those with unattached earlobes can benefit from curved barbells for their transverse lobe piercing jewelry.

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