Best Shower Enema Designs

Best Shower Enema Designs

The “Miner” Shower Enema

Shower Enemas are great erotic toys that will make you fully clean. This is a great way to clean your colon in the privacy of your own home. Enemas are great ways to fully clean yourself before anal sex, so they are highly recommended, as long as you don’t overdo it. Also, enemas can be very sexy and arousing. It’s not a surprise that many fetish enthusiasts enjoy this type of activity. It is particularly popular in the BDSM community, especially among fans of medical play. However, this is not the only reason to use enemas for pleasure. Anyone can enjoy a good enema and experience some new and arousing feelings.

Sexy Times in the Shower: Various Shower Enema Designs

Shower Enemas are particularly great because you can use them in the bathroom. They are convenient and comfortable. Not to mention they provide so much fun. Depending on the design, a Shower Enema can provide a very stimulating water flow or it may be designed to hit all the right spots and provide additional stimulation during use. Definitely an arousing way to start your day and have fun with your partner or alone!

Here, we present you some of the best Shower Enema designs, specially made for sensual and intense experience in the comfort of your home.

Smooth Oblong Shower Enema

This Shower Enema is a good choice for beginners who wish to try this type of stimulation for the first time. It is shaped as a big anal plug so it’s easy to insert. It’s also made to be truly comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort. This enema toy is very smooth which makes insertion easy. It is a good choice for beginners and more experienced users alike. Despite a simple design, it is made to be very intense so it will satisfy even the more demanding users.

Ribbed Shower Enema

Ribbed Shower Enema is made for those who want to go one step further. If you wish to experience additional stimulation during your enema, this is a perfect toy for you. This Shower Enema is ribbed so it truly hits all the right spots. A great choice for those who find enemas truly arousing and wish to take the pleasure to a new level. Truly irresistible!

The “Miner” Shower Enema

This is a good enema device for those who like to go really deep. It is about 8 inches long so you can see how it can reach truly deep spots and provide powerful effects. This is more than just a regular Shower Enema: it is made to hit all the right spots and provide deep stimulation for those who really want to go one step further. Ideal for more experienced users who want to enhance their shower time even further.

The “Stay Put” Shower Enema

The “Stay Put” Shower Enema is a great choice if you want to make the experience as intense as possible. The design truly makes the toy stay put, which means you can dedicate your arms to other activities. This is a great way to make sexy couples games even more exiting. This enema is made for intense, powerful experience you will never forget!

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