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Urethral toys such as penis plugs and sounds are made to provide the most sensual and pleasurable urethral stimulation. However, this is not all these toys can do. Did you know that many of them can be used as gorgeous urethra jewelry?

Urethra Jewelry Overview

Jeweled Penis PlugUrethra jewelry is made to be elegant, stylish and visually pleasing. As such, it is inserted inside the urethra but the decorative part is typically the one that can be seen even when the device is inserted. While some urethra jewelry requires penis piercing (for example, PA jewelry requires a man to have a Prince Albert piercing), other urethra jewelry can be inserted even if you don’t have any piercings.

How? It is simple: all you need to do is to use your urethral toys as urethra jewelry. Of course, in order for it to be effective you need to choose the right types of urethral toys. In other words, you chosen urethral toys need to be elegant and decorative enough to be great urethra jewelry pieces.

Penis Plugs with Gems

Penis plugs and other urethral toys with gems are among the most beautiful urethral toys. If you wish to wear your urethral toys as urethra jewelry, these are the best way to go. These toys are not only designed to be practical (meaning, to provide pleasurable urethral play and deep sensations) but also to be beautiful.

As such, urethral toys with gems fulfill different purpose. On one hand, these are great urethral toys just like other nicely designed devices made to serve the purpose of urethral stimulation. On the other hand, these toys are specially designed to look aesthetically pleasing when inserted.

Since the only part of a urethral toy that can be seen when inserted is the bottom, the bottom itself is made to be ornamented and visually pleasing. As such, these toys fulfill the need of a long-term wear and can be very pleasing not just for the wearer but also for his partners who get to see a beautiful gem on the tip of the wearer’s penis.

Urethral toys with gems typically have one sparkly gem inserted on the bottom of the toy. Keep in mind that this is not the tip of the toy – the tip is the side that goes into the urethra first, while the bottom is the part that stays out and can be seen either protruding from the urethra or sitting right at the urethral opening (pee hole).

Recommended toys: Jeweled Penis Plug, (available with blue and green gems), Gem Set Fancy Sperm Stopper.

Elegant and Decorative Penis Plugs

Gem Set Fancy Sperm StopperAnother good choice for those who want to wear their urethral toys as urethra jewelry is to find elegant and decorative penis plugs. As you probably know, penis plugs are more diverse in their design and appearance than urethral sounds, so there are many different ones to choose from. Many penis plugs are made to be not only effective in providing pleasurable urethral stimulation but also to be elegant and decorative in their design. Indeed, some penis plugs are so beautiful you’d want to display them or maybe just show them to your partner.

Keep in mind, however, that a penis plug may have only a decorative shaft. In this case, this urethral toy sure is elegant but you won’t be able to see that once it’s inserted. Remember, only the bottom part of a penis plug is visible once the plug is inserted into the urethra. As such, these plugs may not look like urethra jewelry when they are inside. However, those who appreciate a nice, elegant design will sure love these beautiful penis plugs. They can make a great gift and prove to be perfect pieces of urethra jewelry for the right person.

Recommended products: One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug, Brooks Ball Sounding Plug, The Sprinkler Penis Plug, Salt Shaker Penis Plug, Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod, Albert Penis Plug, Cock Topper, Candy Cane with a Stay Put Hook, TX4 Penis Plug, Smooth as Silk Penis Pumper Plug, PS4 Penis Plug.

Prince’s Wands

Finally, you may use a special type of urethral toy: prince’s wand. If you wish to wear urethral toys as urethra jewelry prince’s wands are a great way to go. Not only are these toys long and effective in providing deep sensations but they also look very beautiful when inserted.

In fact, there is a specific type of a prince’s wand that is a proper jewelry piece. These prince’s wands can only be used by men who have a PA (Prince Albert piercing), since they use the hole made by the piercing. These prince’s wands have a special post that goes inside the piercing hole while the part of the prince’s wand is inserted into the urethra to serve as a urethral toy. As such, this is a prime example of a urethra jewelry.

That being said, you don’t need to have a PA or another male genital piercing to wear a prince’s wand. Many of these wands are designed for men who don’t have a pierced penis. This way, you can enjoy this excellent urethral toy without needing to be pierced.

Recommended products: X1 Prince’s Wand Sound, In & Out Princes Wand, X2 Prince’s Wand Sound.

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