What is the Best Penis Piercing?

What is the Best Penis PiercingMany men deciding to get a genital piercing wonder about the best penis piercing they can get. There are many different penis piercings and other male genital piercings to choose from so it’s important to make the right decision. Of course, you may wish to get more than one penis piercing or to combine your piercings. However, it is always important to know your reasons behind this and what you really want to achieve with your piercings. This is the only way to choose the best penis piercing for yourself.

Great Variety of Penis Piercings

Penis piercings are very varied. This is the first thing you need to know. Many beginners assume that Prince Albert (PA) piercing is the only way to go or that you need to start with this piercing. While PA piercing is the most popular penis piercing, it is far from the only option. In fact, you don’t have to have a Prince Albert before you move to another penis piercing.

Other common option is a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA). This is a bit more complex because it requires more tissue to be pierced but it usually produces pleasurable sensations. Other good options for a penis piercing are Apadravya (vertical penis piercing) and Ampallang (horizontal penis piercing). Both look very effective and can enhance the pleasure for the wearer and his partner. If you want to get an Apadravya it is useful to get a Prince Albert first because Apadravya is basically PA and Reverse PA connected into one piercing.

Other options for a penis piercing are Dolphin, Dydoe, Frenum and Lorum. Frenum is the most popular and least complex of these: this is a piercing on the underside of the penis, typically centrally located. It doesn’t go through much tissue so it’s not very complex to perform. Lorum is a low Frenum, on the base of the penis. These are some of the least complex penis piercings you can get but they can cause very intense sensations during sex.

So, what is the Best Penis Piercing?

There is no easy answer to this question because a lot will depend on what you’re looking for and your personal preferences. What works for one person might not work for the other. Generally speaking, there are two reasons to get a penis piercing: aesthetic and functionality (enhancing sexual pleasure).

Most men seek piercings that can enhance sexual pleasure so this might be your first point to think about. There are piercings that are better than the others at improving sexual pleasure. PA, Reverse PA, Ampallang and Apadravya are known to be good functional piercings, though they don’t work the same for all people. Dolphin, Dydoe, Frenum and Lorum can also enhance the pleasure for the wearer and his partner.

It is very important to take your partner into account. Since these piercings don’t affect the wearer only, the feeling might be particularly intense for your partner during sex. In fact, it might not improve pleasure for you much but it might enhance it for your partner. Frenum piercings, Ampallang and Apadravya are those that have a high effect on the partners. Sometimes, this may even become too intense so it’s important to communicate with your partner to learn what works well for them.

When in doubt, consult your piercer. They can tell you which type of a penis piercing might produce the best results and what is the best placement for your anatomy. A lot of experience with penis piercings will depend on the size of the penis jewelry so this is yet another thing to think about.

Other Piercing Ideas

If you are into genital piercing keep in mind that penis piercings are not the only way to go. There are numerous male genital piercings that are not, strictly speaking “penis piercings” since they don’t go through the penis. However, many of them are very good at enhancing pleasure for the wearer and his partner, so they are worth considering.

The most popular non-penis male genital piercings are Hafada and Guiche.

Hafada is a piercing on the scrotum. It may sound intimidating but it’s actually a relatively simple piercing. It goes through the skin only and not through the whole testicular tissue. If you are looking for a more extreme and complex piercing that does go through the testicular tissue, try transscrotal procedures. Keep in mind, however, that this is an extreme body modification.

Another common male genital piercing that is not on the penis is guiche. This is a popular piercing on the perineum. Many men find this spot to be very sensitive, so this piercing can produce many intense feelings for the wearer.

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