Best Male Genital Piercing for Female Pleasure

best-male-genital-piercing-for-female-pleasureMale Genital piercings (penis piercings) are very popular and enjoyable in more ways than one. They not only look great, but can provide additional pleasure to you and your partner. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many men who decide to get genital piercings. While male genital piercings are not as popular as some other piercing types, they are more common than some people think.

One of the main reason is because genital piercings can enhance the pleasure for the wearer, and often for the wearer’s partner, too. This is particularly true for male genital piercings, first and foremost, penis piercings. Some of these piercings can truly enhance pleasure during sex for the man’s female partner.

Functional Genital Piercings

Piercings that serve additional purpose and not just aesthetics are known as functional piercings. While function in question can refer to many different things, one of the most common is to enhance sexual pleasure. Piercings that can heighten sexual pleasure are functional piercings done for the purpose of sex. All of these are genital piercings, though nipple piercings can also serve this purpose, too. While not all genital piercings are also functional piercings, many of them are.

Many genital piercings enhance pleasure for the wearer and some well-placed piercings can even make masturbation and sex completely different in a good way. However, some consider the best piercings those that enhance pleasure for both the wearer and wearer’s partner.

Some penis piercings and other male genital piercings are great for this purpose. If you wish to impress your female partner with your genital piercing, it helps to have one of those functional piercings.

Penis Piercing Ideas for Female Pleasure

There are some male genital piercings that can enhance pleasure for women during sex. These dick piercings are great functional piercings for those who wish to take pleasure to a new level. As such, there is not one best male genital piercing for female pleasure but, rather, several piercings you can use.

Keep in mind that a lot will depend on your and your partner’s sexual preferences, so what works for one couple may not work for another. Also, a lot will depend on the gauge and size of your piercing: larger jewelry often helps hitting all the sweet female spots. If you want sexual benefits of genital piercings you need to take jewelry into account and also your partner’s preferences. What works for one person may not work for another.

On the other hand, here are the most popular male genital piercings for female pleasure:

Prince ALBERT Piercing: and the pleasure

This is the most popular genital piercing in the world. Many women love the feeling of PA jewelry rubbing against their vaginal walls. However, a lot depends on the size of the jewelry. Some women find big, heavy jewelry pieces to be more satisfying.


Reverse Prince Albert

This piercing can rub nicely against a woman’s G-spot. It brings a lot of pleasure to the woman, especially with a bigger, round ball on the jewelry.

Apadravya piercing and its benefits

In essence, this piercing works the same sexually as Reverse Prince Albert, since the top part of Apadravya is the same as Reverse PA. Apadravya is one of the best male genital piercings for female pleasure because it can hit the woman’s G-spot perfectly. Also, unlike Reverse PA, Apadravya also has a lower part that can rub against other sides of woman’s vaginal walls. It also allows the couple to try G-spot rubbing with genital jewelry from many different sexual positions. As such, Apadravya is very popular among those who use genital piercings for sexual pleasure. While it might not work for all women, there are many ladies who are more than satisfied with their man’s Apadravya piercing.

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  1. My Lady loves the Pa she also found out she can put a padlock through it and that way no sex unless she says so

  2. I have recently had a pa after 2 years of prevarication. I love and so does my wife. It seemed to be healed in a week, stretched to 8g after 2 weeks. Now looking forward to getting to 6 or 4g over the next few months. Can’t recommend it enough.

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