What is the Best Jewelry for Apadravya?

jewelry for apadravya

Surgical Steel Straight Barbell

Out of all male genital piercings, Apadravya is the one that can bring the most pleasure to the man’s sexual partners. This is why Apadravya piercing is so popular among the fans of penis piercings. While Prince Albert (PA) piercing is by far the most common male genital piercing out there, it is undeniable that there is a lot of demand for Apadravya piercings. Since this is a functional piercing that improves sexual pleasure both for the wearer and his partners, it is extremely important to choose the best jewelry for Apadravya piercing.

Jewelry for Apadravya

It is important to understand that each penis piercing type requires specific jewelry. While the same jewelry types can go on several different piercings types, and while most piercings can use many different jewelry styles, it is crucial to know the appropriate jewelry for your piercing. Not all piercings can use the same jewelry that is ideal for the most popular piercings. Similarly, not all piercings can use many different jewelry types.

This is particularly important in the case of genital piercings. Keep in mind that these piercings go on sensitive body spots and it is easy to injure them if you are not careful. Penis is full of nerve endings and sensitive parts. This is why any jewelry you wear has to be super smooth and comfortable to ensure safety. Also, remember that any jewelry you wear with your penis piercing needs to be safe for your partners, too.

Choosing the best jewelry for Apadravya piercing ensures safety, comfort and great satisfaction for both you and your partner. Never compromise on this one: you need a jewelry piece that fits you perfectly.

Apadravya is one of those piercings that generally use only one jewelry type: straight barbells. A straight barbell goes vertically through the penis head and ensures a perfect comfort during both the flaccid and erect state.

However, just because there is only one common type of jewelry for Apadravya, it doesn’t mean that the choice is always easy. Your jewelry needs to be of the optimal length and its beads have to be of the appropriate size for your Apadravya piercing to work in the way you want it.

How to Choose the Right Barbell?

There are two main things when deciding on the best jewelry for Apadravya piercing: the length and the size of the beads. Straight barbells may seem simple in design but there is actually a great variation in lengths between various barbells and also a great variety of beads. Also, keep in mind your gauge: it has to fit the current size of your piercing hole. If you don’t stretch your piercing it will generally match the size you were pierced with, but you may choose to stretch your Apadravya to a larger gauge. If this happens, make sure to remember your new gauge. You will need to buy a new straight barbell in that gauge.

The first step in choosing male genital jewelry for Apadravya is to know the best length of the barbell you need to order. This length has to be long enough to accommodate for your erect size. It also has to be small enough that it’s not uncomfortable when you are flaccid. The length may be an issue of trial and error so you may need to be patient until you find the best one. Also, it is useful to consult your piercer (or another piercer who specializes in male genital piercings). A good piercer will know how long your barbell needs to be.

Bead Size

Finally, do not forget about the size of the beads. Straight barbells come in many different sizes of beads, from standard to micro ones and large size beads. While it is typically not an issue for the piercing itself, the bead size can do a lot to comfort. Sometimes, extra large beads are uncomfortable so pay attention to that.

However, the biggest issue with beads on barbells for genital male body jewelry, particularly Apadravya, is sexual pleasure. The main source of enhanced pleasure for the partner of a man with Apadravya is the bead. It rubs nicely against vaginal or anal walls and stimulates the receiving partner. In women, it can massage the G-spot. The size of the bead brings different sensations. Experiment with bead size to find the one that you and your partners like the best.

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